He claims to have heard rumors that speak of the announcement by Nintendo of its next console this year

When do you think the next console will be announced? Nintendo? The truth is that time flies by, but Switch came out in 2017, so this year turns 6 years old Taking into account that the usual life cycle of consoles is 7 years, one might think that in 2024 at the latest they should release a new machine.

Of course, these are all assumptions based on a pattern, but for several months now there are numerous rumors about an imminent new console, something that wouldn’t be too crazy.

Well now new rumors have emerged about when it could be announced or even go on sale that nintendo switch 2 (which is what the next console of Nintendo, even though it’s not really a Switch 2).

Before starting to talk about them, it should be noted that These are rumors and not official information. so you should take this with a grain of salt until at some point the Japanese company officially announces something.

Announcement and arrival of Nintendo Switch 2, in 2023?

It’s been through ResetEra where they have echoed a clip from a podcast of Jeff Grubb, well-known journalist who is also famous for the large number of leaks that he has successfully nailed throughout his career. You can see that clip at this link.

  • According to him, he has heard rumors that the new console will be announced this year 2023 ❗️
  • and says that Do you think there’s some truth to that rumor? although he has not finished verifying it ✅
  • As if that were not enough, the same rumor says that there is a 45% chance that Nintendo Switch 2 will also launch in 2023
shigeru miyamoto backwards compatibility nintendo switch

If you ask me, I very much doubt that it will come out this year 2023. However, I think yes it could be announced in 2023, but depending on when it’s going to come out. Consoles usually come out at the end of the year, but Nintendo Switch came out in March and the move worked well for Nintendo. If Nintendo Switch 2 comes out at the end of 2024, So I think it will be announced next year. But if it comes out in early 2024 as it happened to Switch, so yes they should announce it this year.

But all this is my hypothesis, so it’s up to you: do you think it will be announced and will come out this year 2023?


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