Ninoska Vásquez pointed to her ex and Michell Roxana for accusation


Ninoska Vásquez decided to break her silence. The model finally spoke of the nightmare that she has experienced in recent months. The story includes accusations for alleged human trafficking, lawsuits in Mexico and Venezuela, and gender violence.

An Instagram live, made yesterday, (Monday, February 27), was the means chosen by the Venezuelan to pronounce herself. There she once again blamed her ex-boyfriend, Javier Rodríguez Borgio, and his new partner, also a model Michell Roxanne (Michell Castellanos).

As it will be recalled, the National Court of Spain rejected the extradition of Vásquez, accused in Mexico of alleged trafficking in women for prostitution, when verifying that everything could be a set-up by his ex-partner, an important Mexican businessman.

Surprised in a bad way

In the live, Ninoska Vásquez emphasized that despite not wanting to victimize herself, she said she was a victim “not only of gender violence, but of a false complaint that was made against me in Mexico.”

After her introduction, Miss Earth Venezuela 2017 spoke about the way she was detained at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport. According to her, she had to travel to the United States on August 28, where she would participate in New York Fashion Week. In that place, she pointed out, she was “surprised” by police officers from Interpol. After reading her rights and handcuffing her, she was told that she had 30 seconds to make a call.

«I called Alejandra Ghersi (another Venezuelan model; a friend of hers). We had already talked about these issues because I had been receiving threats from my ex-partner, and also from Michell Roxana Castellanos Azuaje, who is also part of this false complaint that they made to me, “she said.

Courtesy: Instagram @ninoskavasqueza

From 22 to 33 years in prison

Vásquez also said that when he asked the reason for his arrest, the police officer told him that he had a complaint for human trafficking and that the sentence they were asking for was 22 to 33 years in prison.

In the same way, the ex-miss from Barquisimeto expressed that in the midst of all this situation, she could only think of her family. «I had received threats that they did not want me dead, they wanted me suffering and they wanted me crying to my loved ones. I received threats directly for my mother, for my sister, for Giovanni Laguna (stylist), for Clarinés Mejía, and of course, for me,” she said.

One of the things that Ninoska Vásquez made clear when she was told that she was going to be extradited to Mexico, is that she could not go to that country because her life was in danger.

“They were very difficult days for me. I don’t wish being in jail on anyone who is innocent. It was very hard to see me there, handcuffed, in a cell, doing absolutely nothing, where thoughts attacked me a lot, “he said, stressing again that he lived through all that hell just to end a sentimental relationship. “She also accused me of being a prostitute, a thief, and finally, of this slander of human trafficking,” she said.

Threats by Michell Roxana

At this point, Ninoska once again mentioned Michell Roxana Castellanos, Miss Earth Venezuela 2019. “I constantly received death threats through a fake Instagram, also defamation threats from Michell Roxana Castellanos Azuaje, who went to (…) Fashion Week to speak ill of me to the managers, saying that I had to do with a case, that of the Sambil Model, and that I had been in prison, that I had been released on bail, which is totally false, “he explained.

Likewise, the 28-year-old model from Lara confirmed that she has no relationship with the aforementioned case. «I have nothing to do with the Sambil Model case, in fact, my lawyer and the team of experts who were investigating my case, through my migratory movements, that on the day of the party and the day of the arrest of these young people in Venezuela, I was not there, and even so, Michell blamed me in front of managers, who have known me for a long time, for atrocious events that I did not commit,” he said.

And he added that Michell Castellanos “was not only behind this false complaint, but also tried to make a similar or equal cause in Venezuela. In addition to this problem that I had in Mexico, she wanted to include me in a series of events in which I did not participate, as was the case with Jenni Rosales and the Sambil Model, of which I already told you that we confirmed that I was not there. , that I was not in Venezuela and that I have no relationship with these people, who will also be in my prayers, because I know how difficult it is to be in this situation, and that she also points out as prostitutes.

During the broadcast, Vásquez detailed the evidence she presented to prove the falsity of the accusations against her, highlighting some audios in which Michell Castellanos allegedly tries to involve her in the aforementioned Sambil Model case, and which went viral on the networks.


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