The model is declared innocent Ninoska Vasquez. The Venezuelan had an extradition order to Mexico from Spain, but the justice of the “Motherland” decided that there are no reasons to think that the former beauty queen is guilty of the charges against her.

Last minute: Ninoska Vázquez, declared innocent in Spain, will not be extradited to Mexico. The National Court of Spain has just decided that the Venezuelan model Ninoska Vázquez is innocent of the alleged crime of human trafficking for which Mexico requested her extradition,” wrote journalist David Place on his Instagram account.

As will be remembered, Yorbriele Ninoska Vásquez, better known as Ninoska Vásquez, was arrested on August 28, 2022 in Madrid. From that moment on, she assures that she is afraid to return to Mexico because of the threats from her ex-partner.

“The court has been very forceful in assuring that the accusation against Ninoska is tortious, spurious and inadmissible by law,” added Placer.


Likewise, last week his lawyer presented evidence proving that the mannequin was not in Mexico on the days that the alleged crime was committed.

The prosecutor presented three conclusions to justify his request:

1- Mexico’s accusation is poorly supported and weak.
2- Ninoska presented evidence that she was not in the country on the dates on which she allegedly met the abused women (she was in Turkey and Colombia on the days on which she allegedly met them and also on the day the rape was reported) .
3- Ninoska Vásquez has received threats and the prosecutor believes that her life is in danger.

“Is a lie”

At this point, it must be remembered that Vásquez assured that the accusations that were filed against him in Spain are false and the file was created by his ex-partner, Francisco Javier Rodríguez Borgio, and his new partner, the also Venezuelan Michell Roxana Castellanos.

In this sense, Castellanos’ lawyer, Luis Martínez, denied the accusation made against his client of paying and planning revenge against the former Miss Earth Venezuela 2017.

“It is a misperception, it is a lie, it is completely false. Michell does not have the means and I believe that no person could have the means to mount a trial, to carry out a false trial, or provide false evidence. Under no circumstances has my client Michell carried out any type of this situation against anyone, “said the model’s lawyer through a video.

A few days ago, Últimas Noticias tried to contact Castellanos to find out first-hand his version of the complaint they filed against him, but we did not receive a response.

Similarly, we tried to contact Ninoska Vásquez. We also had no success contacting her.


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