“Ni sipeli, free love”: the presentation of Cristina Vignato’s book in Montalto


Montalto – Saturday 4 March at 6pmin the small hall of San Sisto, the presentation of the novel will take place “Ni Sipeli: love frees” written by the author Christine Vignato. The The book tells two intertwined stories: that of Emma, ​​a young entrepreneur from Vicenza, and of Onaya, a girl captured and sold in Cuba as a slave. Two different worlds, two different times, what they have in common is faith in love.

The presentation will be conducted by Sabine CastelfrancoCBSnews reporter, who will interview the author to let us know the unpublished details of the book and the creative process that led her to write it. Cristina Vignato, born in Vicenza, she is a holistic counselor and Teacher of Akashic Records, a soul researcher who has been experimenting for almost 20 years in personal growth paths and supports people in times of difficulty in finding their soul project.

Vignato’s debut novel deals with universal themes such as love, freedom and the contradiction of established power.
The presentation of the book “Ni Sipeli: free love” will be an opportunity to get to know the author and immerse yourself in an intense and engaging story, which teaches that life is just a game of roles for the evolution of being, where the spiritual and material kingdoms touch each other continuously because they are never separated.

The event is open to all and will be an opportunity to discover the beauty of the art of writing and to discuss issues that unite us as human beings.

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