Apart from today’s content (like the new Icon SBCs either the free envelopes), it seems increasingly clear what we can expect from FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in the coming days. And it is that, through a loading screen, EA Sports has confirmed that the next event will be Fantasy FUT. But it is also very remarkable that it shows a card with the typical FUT Heroes logo.

Fantasy FUT as the next FIFA 23 event

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Loading Screen Confirming Fantasy FUT Start Token and Cards
The event will start this Friday, March 3, at seven in the afternoon Spanish time.

In the letter that appears to the left, we see the typical arrow that is usually related to dynamic versions. Therefore, the logical thing is that Fantasy FUT maintains the style of last year and that its players can improve the statistics.

While the design on the right is different and looks like it will be for FUT Heroes cards. Basically because the logo in the upper area is common for this type of ex-footballer. It appears in both the “normal” and event versions.

FUT Heroes Normal Cards Morientes and World Cup Marchisio FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
As you can see, that crown ball logo on top is characteristic of FUT Heroes (cards thanks to fifarosters.com).

Leaks about the event

Other than the information provided by EA via the loading screen, it appears that the Twitter account @FutSheriff has leaked other remarkable data. And from what he comments, it seems that the event will be in FIFA 23 very similar to what we saw last year:

  • It would be an event two weeks.
  • The improvements would be based on the first six league games from March 17.
  • It seems that FUT Heroes would also be dynamic and would depend on the club for which they received their Hero card. So, depending on what that team did in the league, it would or would not get the upgrades. However, FUT Heroes himself would not belong to the club but would belong to the competition (as is the case with previous versions).
  • According to an image shown by the leaker, FUT Heroes could get an upgrade if the club wins any of the next six matches and another if they are not defeated in any of those six matches. But we do not know if this information is also leaked, or if it is just a fictitious example.

If our memory serves correctly, you are could be the first dynamic special versions for ex-players from Ultimate Team history. A concept that I personally find interesting and striking, although the prices could be very high (even more so in FIFA 23, because competitive cards are usually more expensive than last season).


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