New casino in La Guaira


Complying with the previously established schedule, it is supposed that everything is ready for the new entertainment complex made up of a majestic five-star hotel and a large casino to open its doors in the coming days in La Guaira, in Venezuela.

The local media announced a first inauguration, to show one of the finished parts of the casino and luxury hotel, which will have 42 rooms, inside the Centro Comercial del Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro Stadium. In addition, they pointed out that, inside, you can already see a luxurious latest model truck ready to be raffled among the users of the “Gran Casino La Guaira”.

Thus, the Government made public that 17 of the 42 rooms that the Hotel Vip La Guaria will have would already be finished.

According to local media reports, the hotel was built in four months. “The state government reports that it was built with the investment of 20 merchants from the entity. Given the location and characteristics of the property, an average occupancy of 64 percent is expected and a return on investment is projected in a year and a half, according to official sources.

In this way, the rooms have privileged views of the sea or the Ferris wheel of the coastal strip amusement park.

Casinos come back to life in Venezuela

The gaming industry has been reborn in Venezuela after several years of cuts and red numbers. On the one hand, the impact of Covid-19 brought with it the closure and application of preventive measures in casinos and physical gaming venues as they were non-essential establishments during the worst moments of the quarantine, which led to large losses of profits.

However, the game knew how to find alternative solutions through the search for new business niches in the digital environment. Thus, multiple online gaming platforms began to proliferate, achieving great success among players.

Among others, online casinos offer great advantages such as the convenience of playing from wherever you want, as well as offering their users a huge number of welcome prizes. Enter now on the Internet and discover how to get free spins to fully enjoy betting on slot machines and the rest of your favorite casino games without risking your own money and with all the guarantees of quality and protection.


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