looks like the way Rocksteady and game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will fall into trouble because it is not yet the game is due for release Many netizens have complained that the game looks terrible and not worth waiting for 8 years at all.

Suicide Squad

The quality is not up to the expectation for a long time.

Back on February 24th Developer Rocksteady has released a new set of gameplay trailer clips for fans to watch, but it turns out after that The clip was heavily criticized by fans for being unplayable. Both for the reason that players must be connected to the internet to play all the time. And that the game chooses to use actors and voice actors that almost no one knows.

The most obvious criticism of the article is the article on the website. Forbes who even came out to say “This is clearly hell” plus the game has many more playing systems that are quite worrying, such as a system that focuses on Loot or items that can be obtained too much Including gameplay images that have only airborne assault scenes, most of the time Harley Quinn or King Shark Still have to turn to grab a gun and shoot the opponent which makes the identity of the character disappear from the game by default

Suicide Squad

This event will have to wait and see if when it comes to the actual release date, Rocksteady will update the game to meet the demands of the fans or not. Follow up on the results on May 26th.

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