Netflix has changed the way you share an account: it no longer allows you to do it away from home

I don’t think I have to explain too much what the latest controversial measure that has been implemented consists of Netflix in countries like Spain. In summary, you cannot share an account outside the home, thus limiting your subscription to the four walls of your home. Goodbye to those shared accounts with friends, and we welcome additional bill payments so we can keep perks like 4K at a reduced price.

However, this action has been running in Latin America for a few more months. Something must have happened in those countries for Netflix has started to do something unthinkable just a year ago: lower its prices.

How are the Netflix sales in Latin America?

New Netflix prices in Bolivia, Cuba or Venezuela

  • Netflix Basic: $3.99 (was $7.99).
  • Netflix Standard: $5.99 (was $10.99).
  • netflix premium: $7.99 (was $13.99).

New Netflix prices in Honduras, the Dominican Republic or Guatemala

  • Netflix Basic: $4.99 (was $7.99).
  • Netflix Standard: $7.99 (was $10.99).
  • netflix premium: $10.99 (was $13.99).

New Netflix prices in Panama

  • Netflix Basic: $4.99 (was $8.99).
  • Netflix Standard: $8.99 (was $12.99).
  • netflix premium: $12.99 (was $15.99).
share netflix account
This gesture will only be possible inside your home

Will the Netflix sales arrive in Spain after the end of sharing an account away from home?

These countries received the end of out-of-home account sharing well before Spain or Portugal. Hence, it is believed that the reduction in their prices is due to the massive drop or cancellation of those subscribers who have not received the measure well. It is expected that with these discounts, many of the lost users will pay Netflix again, yes, individually or sharing only at home.

The question we ask ourselves now is whether this reduction in Netflix prices will reach Spain. It wouldn’t be the first time a measure is tested in Latin American markets, to extend it to other countries. Right now, there is nothing confirmedbut with this desperate action, at a time when the competition increases its prices, the platform of streaming it may be implanted in a few months in our territory.

netflix share account
Netflix limits the possibility of sharing accounts outside the home for the moment

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