Neptune – He would have tried to strangle his partner, in front of his daughter’s eyes, who helplessly witnessed the scene. The reason”? He did not like the separation agreement established.

The protagonist of this story is a 50 year old from Neptunearrested by the Carabinieri and seriously suspected of the crime of ill-treatment.

According to what emerges from the investigations, in the past few hours the woman reported the incident, in tears, to 112. The Carabinieri of Operations Unit and Mobile Radio, arrived on site, they found the man in an evident state of psychophysical alteration, as well as the woman’s daughter. The latter in the meantime, to avoid further attacks, had temporarily moved away from the house. After being treated in the emergency room of the hospitals united Anzio – Nettuno, she was accompanied to the barracks. According to the victim’s words, the partner is not new to certain situations: ahe allegedly started beating her as early as June 2022. The man also has precedents for crimes falling under the so-called Code Redbut despite this he would continue to use violence.

For these reasons they had opted for a consensual separation, which took place just in recent days. The reasons that would have triggered the anger unjustified of man would be linked precisely to the agreements relating to the division of their goods. At the end of the formalities, the man was taken to prison, awaiting the validation hearing.

For the record, and for the protection of those under investigation, we recall that an accusation is not equivalent to a conviction, that the evidence is formed in the Court and that the Italian judicial system in any case provides for three levels of judgement.

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