There’s no doubt Nekopara is one of the most beloved franchises in the world of visual novels and Anime, whether you are a lover of its video games, which contain certain adult material or its Anime and Manga adaptation, but you may not know, maybe time yes or never did you realize that Nekopara had some small issues with Steam that led to the removal of the content on that platform in November 2022.



This removal of Nekopara games as well as many more of this genre happened in November 2022 and was due to a new policy within the platform where video game developers that had content only suitable for adults were removed. and that in case of not paying attention to the request they would be eliminated from the platform.

The first to raise the voice of this censorship were the developers of HuniePot, a Candy Crush-style game, but with spicy content, this echoed among the other developers and they began to publish that they had also received said email and among them the developers of Nekopara , although it is not the first time it has happened, since it also happened in 2015, although it is curious that this censorship at the request of Steam only affected video games with Anime aesthetics, due to the fact that other titles such as Dragon Age and The Witcher They did not receive any emails telling them to remove their adult content.

This made the developers and the publisher of Nekopara “SEKAI PROJECT” make the decision to re-release the titles on the Steam platform on February 20, 2023, but now adding the Nekopara OVAs as free DLC.nekoova2nekoova3

But why only when buying Nekopara Extra? That’s a very good question and it’s because SEKAI PROJECT launched a Kickstarter in 2016 to finance the production of Nekopara’s first OVA, which in the first hours of making it public raised more than 100,000 dollars and when I finished I ended up with a total of 1,049,552 dollars, the curious thing here is that when they reached the amount of 800,000 dollars, the decision was made that one of the objectives was the development of an untitled short visual novel that we would later know as Nekopara Extra so both projects are linked from head to toe and that is why only with the video game can you get the OVAs.

If you are a fan of red bone and a lover of nekomatas, do not forget that you can buy the entire repertoire of the Nekopara franchise through Steam from vol. 0,1,2,3,4 and extra, in the same way Nekopara is available for Nintendo Switch and PS4, of course with English subtitles and without the adult content that the PC version has.


synopsis of Nekopara Extra:

Six months before the events of Nekopara Vol 1. On January 1, our protagonist Kashou and his sister Shigure Minaduki found a box in the rain, with two small nekomata inside, so they quickly decide to take them home giving them the necessary care, due to to that they decided to name the little ones, the one with brown hair would be called Chocola and the one with white hair would be called Vanilla, everything is happening slowly, to be able to see how Chocola and Vanilla grow as sisters, knowing not only themselves, but also also to her owner Kashou, her sister and her other kittens who would now be her family, a story where they tell us the origin of Nekopara.

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