Today (February 28) Prof. Dr. Narumon Pinyosinwat The treasurer of the Palang Pracharat Party revealed that the preparation of the Palang Pracharath Party’s state welfare card policy is the main policy of the party that has been discussed at the meeting and received various opinions. To want to solve the poverty problem in a sustainable way in 4 dimensions, to allocate the budget to access basic welfare in line with the rising inflation that affects the price of goods, therefore came to a conclusion of 700 baht.


Prof. Dr. Narumon further said that 700 baht was a number that the party had carefully considered that it could be done. coupled with continuous policy making that requires skill training to create careers have access to financial resources for their occupation by relying on state financial institutions Government agencies come to support as well as solving debt problems, especially informal debt problems which is considered an important problem The party will continue to co-ordinate policies to achieve concrete results. and believes that it can truly solve the problem of poverty


Prof. Dr. Narumon said that Policies of other political parties coming out later There are numbers of 1,000 baht or in the future may be higher. Because the party does not want the people to have a populist policy picture or give away only but would like to see a picture of the country’s sustainable development policy in the long run public welfare public economy And the 3 main civil state society, like the pillars of the house that are the pillars And during the election, there will be a competition on policy. must clearly tell the public what the basic economy will do community enterprise What are the community economies like village funds or other forms?


“It is normal for elections to be contested over policy. But it is up to the public to see the feasibility and not burden the fiscal budget in the long run. Including not affecting the payment of taxes as a debt burden of the country in the long run Because in the end, it cannot be done sustainably, ”said Prof. Dr. Narumon.


Prof. Dr. Narumon said that The party opens a policy to extend the state welfare card in order to take care of the people in all 4 dimensions. There is no land and there is no water As for the urgent policy after this, it is about the value of living that will help the common people who bear the burden. If energy prices can be fixed in any possible way, it will help reduce people’s burdens and reduce the cost of living. Therefore, there will be a policy of energy measures, which are currently being discussed in numbers and methods in detail. But wait for the possible numbers. that will not affect and be sustainable Because I don’t want to make a contract and I can’t do it. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to proposals from many parties. because of concerns about fiscal burden Complicated energy prices


“The Palang Pracharat Party also prepares regional policies that are appropriate to the context of different areas and regions. Therefore, policies will be issued individually in the North, Central, Northeast, and South, and there will be plans to create special economic zones in each region. to bring economy, employment and prosperity to each sector Do not concentrate in the city or have only the EEC in the east in order to achieve economic growth throughout the country. This is the concept of the working group that has been proposed and heard from people in the area directly. And when the Special Economic Zone is born, there will be a policy of the public economy that will continue,” Prof. Dr. Narumon finally said.

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