Movie review: Khun Phan 3 – Bless you to the end, mad enough, is what Thai movies need right now.


I haven’t watched the first part.Khun Phan, part 2 That’s something that’s quite personal towards preference. And would like to see many more Thai movies in a way that is rip off like this. Although overall it’s a movie that has a lot of wounds because it’s like a real movie. Trying to play big but still trying to be realistic So it became an awkward task. But I have to admit that in terms of production, it works quite well. And its direction made me secretly cheer a little bit. Although he may not be a big fan of this series of franchises.

With part 3, when I saw it for the first time, I just felt that there was still going on? The interest is smooth and smooth. If there is a chance, I would go and see. But if you miss it, you won’t regret anything. without expecting that Khunphan 3 will give a moment that has not been touched for a long time from Thai movies to fill the mind completely Of course, the skin still has quite a few scars. far from perfect But the repetition to close the trilogy of Phi Khom this time as if full of adrenaline Crazy to the max. No vest. Something to put on Whatever you like, throw it all into the movie. Becomes a lie that can hardly find realism. reasons in many ways The scene doesn’t need to be mentioned. But let me die The fucking movie is so fun. Fold it up!

Khunphan 3

Khunphan 3 It will be an event after the first 2 parts, a loose connection. I didn’t immediately continue anything. Therefore, even if you haven’t seen the first 2 parts, you may be able to watch this part. But I suggest that you should find the first 2 parts to watch first. in order to get familiar with the setting and know the backgrounds of various characters Because it affects the climax of this sector quite well

In this sector, the body of Khun Phan at an age that is getting older is not as agile as before. Will have to face 2 young tigers who are looking to kill him. While the things he had were nesting, they would continue to deteriorate. and could no longer protect him.

I feel like watching Logan In the beginning, the protagonist who used to be powerful and magical has deteriorated to the point that it is appalling. Only the fear of death remained. while the body withered In this part, Khun Phan’s character has been adjusted to be more of a sandbag from the battlefield desertion. Including physical conditions that are far from their peak Viewers will feel more attentive to Khun Phan. While helping to make the panther and the great tiger have their own scenes that are more pronounced And it emphasizes the role and character dimension that is not too flat.

Khunphan 3

While the movie has problems with cutting and rhythm – accelerating almost the whole story With a length of two and a half hours, the sharp cuts of some scenes make the movie not very smooth. Or the pace of action like a bus on Sukhumvit Road during rush hour? caused a bit of frustration in my heart but with the story progressing With action that splashes fun every 10 minutes, it helps to stretch us to still be able to live with the movie. before repaying us with a climax at the end that calls for a hype that has not been seen in any Thai movie for a long time before ending in the form of a stereotypical superhero movie, when it comes to Khun Phan’s setting, it’s very surreal

What I like the most about this movie is that Phi Khom goes much further than the previous part. There’s a scene in the movie where a character says, “People like things that are too real.” Yes. And doing something that is too exaggerated in this part of Khun Phan is the most correct decision. Whether it’s crazy or disgusting, you have to go to the end. You don’t have to be as embarrassed as the first 2 parts, because the movie is a Thai action hero. Shouting the name of the posture reciting the incantation is already hitting each other. This Maway is awesome.

Khunphan 3

While the production work, the CG work is as full as possible. Of course we can’t compare with Hollywood movies because of the huge difference in budget. But at this level, I can’t see it awkwardly, realistically according to the conditions. And the audience doesn’t feel that they are insulted. In addition, there is also the story of the secondary story line and the current situation of the setting that perfectly matches the context of Thai society today. And in fact, the intense political setting is what helps to highlight other elements that may be fanciful but still have weight. And as a result, this new interpretation of the panther and the monarch is more contemporary and offers more than just a day-to-day robbery.

Khunphan 3

In conclusion, Khun Phan 3, although it is a movie with scars not smooth unreasonable in some scenes But it’s the end of a trilogy that’s insanely fun. action fun boiling good acting actor Plus there’s a surprise at the end. The characters also have a dimension, play, have cool sales scenes for everyone. Well, it’s the end of the trilogy. But for the first time, I want to beg P’Khom to continue with this verse. It has more potentials in many places andI can say with full mouth that it is a Thai action. My favorite thing in the past several years.

Khunphan 3



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