Moscow: “The conditions for peace in Ukraine are not there. Crimea will not return to Kiev”


Moscow – “For the moment there are no conditions for peace in Ukraine. The special military operation continues”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quoted by the Tass agency, underlining however “Russia is carefully considering the Chinese proposal for a negotiated solution to the conflict whose details will have to be subject to in-depth analysis”.

“Any attempt to produce a plan that sets the conflict on a path to peace deserves attention. We consider the plan of our Chinese friends very carefully,” she said. “As for the details, they should be the subject of a thorough analysis, taking into account the interests of the parties, which are very different. This is a very long process,” Peskov stressed. “We repeat once again – he then added however – that for the moment we do not see the prerequisites for starting the question along a path of peace. The special military operation continues. We are moving towards achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.”

Peskov then called it “unimaginable” that Crimea could become part of Ukraine again. Crimea “is an integral part of the Russian Federation”, said the spokesman, adding that the Kremlin is following “the unstable situation” in Transnistria with great attention, which is a cause for concern. The problems are “caused from outside – he added – We know that our opponents, both in the Ukrainian regime and in some European countries, are able to implement various provocations. We are well informed and aware of this.”

For his part, the former Russian president and current vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, has once again evoked the “apocalypse” in an editorial on the war in Ukraine written for the newspaper Izvestia (read here).


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