More than 120 hectares have been affected by the fire that plagues the Fila de Palmarito sector, within the Henri Pittier National Park, information confirmed by Governor Karina Carpio, who flew over the area this Tuesday to see first-hand the magnitude of the damage and Supervise the work of mitigation of the accident.

The president stressed that the entity’s prevention agencies were deployed from the outset, with the participation of more than 40 men who are working tirelessly to mitigate the fire that is already focused and has caused damage to many green areas. of this natural reservoir.

“There are more than 40 men who are in our Henri Pittier National Park preventing the flames from spreading… the sun has been inclement and a negative factor at this time for us to appease these flames that have relentlessly hit our territory, but We are working as we should for our wonderful state of Aragua”, stressed the president.

Likewise, the first authority of the entity took the opportunity to make a new call for awareness to the public, so that they alert the authorities to any possible source of fire in their communities, especially those located on the grounds of the Henri Pittier National Park. , through the emergency number 911 arranged for the state of Aragua. He also reiterated the call to avoid burning garbage in the vicinity of Henri Pittier Park, as well as lighting bonfires, due to the high risk of generating large-scale fires.

He specified that the mitigation tasks are carried out with the use of the Bolivarian National Guard helicopter and the support of Minec, Inparques, Fundaparques and Zodi Aragua, and that they have the provisions and food to supply the park rangers and firefighters who are fighting the fire until it is finally extinguished.

Forest Fire Mitigation Plan

Since mid-January, the Aragua state government activated the Forest Fire Mitigation Plan, with the construction of firebreaks in the Henri Pittier National Park, as part of a preventive strategy before the arrival of the dry season.

More than two thousand officials participate in this plan, including Civil Protection, Vías de Aragua, Aragua state firefighters, Fundaragua and groups of volunteers, who began their work in the vicinity of the Marriott Maracay Hotel, to cover an extension of more than 80 kilometers.

On that occasion, the governor commented that the firewalls would cover the La Placera, Mata Seca, Las Cocuizas, Tierra Blanca, Palmarito and Planta Vieja sectors: “In the face of a drought, a summer with very strong sun, today we must activate the plan risk mitigation with firewalls, for which we will use heavy machinery to facilitate the process,” the president emphasized.


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