A spokesman for the Mexican government said The US authorities have filed a request for extradition. After the Mexican government successfully arrested Obidoo Guzman-Lopez, nicknamed ‘The New Rat’ (El Nuevo Ratón), the son of legendary Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’ (El Chapo), when in early January

Guzman-Lopez is one of El Chapo’s sons at the Mexican government. The US government is monitoring after it is believed he has emerged as the new cartel leader in the Mexican state of Sinaloa after El Chapo, one of the world’s largest drug cartels. The most influential in the world

Mexican authorities had previously successfully arrested El Chapo or Joaquin Guzman Loeira, the most wanted drug cartel leader by security agencies in early 2016. to be handed over to the US authorities Following an extradition request, in 2019, El Chapo was sentenced to life imprisonment. and was imprisoned at ADX Florence Prison in Colorado. It is one of the most stringent prisons in the United States.

The son of drug dealer El Chapo was arrested in Culiacán. the center of the state of Sinaloa In early 2023, Mexican authorities previously arrested Guzman-Lopez once in 2019, but were forced to release him. to avoid violent clashes with drug cartel networks in the state of Sinaloa at the time

US authorities say Guzman-Lopez, along with his brother Joaquin, conspired to sell marijuana and cocaine. Including taking care of the methamphetamine laboratory (Methamphetamine) in Mexico. which can be used to produce drugs up to about 1,300-2,200 kilograms per month

Many parties expect Mexican authorities may hand over Guzman-Lopez to the US. in the near future After the specified period for the United States Submit a request and complete the extradition request by March 5.

picture: Arturo Hernandez/Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images



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