Meloni, EU works for legal and safe entries


ROME, 01 MAR – “We must all work together to reaffirm the principle that Europe can only be entered legally and therefore in conditions of total security” and “develop and strengthen the legal channels of migration, distinguished between those who have the right to protection” and ” who intends to access for work reasons”. And “fight, without hesitation, the criminal clans that fuel mass illegal immigration. Without concrete interventions by the EU, starting from the next few weeks and for the entire year, the migratory pressure will be unprecedented, given the difficult context affecting vast areas of the planet”. Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in a letter sent to the EU. “At the extraordinary European Council last February – recalls the prime minister – we identified some measures that go in the right direction, but the time factor is decisive. It is essential and urgent to immediately adopt concrete, strong and innovative initiatives to counter and discourage illegal departures, also resorting to urgent extraordinary financial allocations for the countries of origin and transit so that they actively collaborate”. (HANDLE).


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