‘Mega March’ begins the new active promotion of PS Store packed with hundreds of offers


The month of March arrives accompanied by great launches and a tremendous amount of offers

Once the month of January passes at the pace of a turtle, the rest flies at the speed of light and after having said goodbye to February, the month of March arrives and as you have been able to verify, it has not come alone. In addition to all the releases that are coming throughout the month, PlayStation has decided to launch a new promotion packed with hundreds of games on sale.

This promotion is called ‘Mega March’ and is composed of games of absolutely all kinds of genres, as well as very interesting packs and expansions which never hurts if you want to complete some of your games to 100%, which happens to me lately. Next, I am going to make a small list of some of the games that you can find in said promotion.

These are some of the titles of the ‘Mega March’ promotion

The number and variety of games that are in the promotion, without a doubt deserves to take a look, because there are very good prices that can help you to get games that you could not buy previously for whatever reason.

The promotion will be active for a limited time, specifically until March 16, 2023. So, if you’ve seen a game that interests you, don’t let it go too long, because you might be late for it. I’m still looking closely at each and every one of the games, because there are some that interest me a lot and I’m going to take advantage of the sales.


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