Have you ever heard that theory that the majority of hentai artists are women? Certainly some surveys have been done to determine the sex of the participating artists and it has been confirmed that the majority are women. However, until a survey is carried out that covers all Manga artists (both official and independent), it will not be possible to be sure that the theory is true.

Anyway, within hentai Manga there is a category that some “come to fear”. It is about netorare (NTR), a literary genre that refers to infidelity. Whether it is a wedding couple, a marriage or even a pair of brothers with a strong bond, there will always come a third subject who will take the woman, corrupt her and she will finally not be able to live without him, or without the pleasure that he offers her. , rather.

Some claim that those who hate netorare (NTR) stories is because they identify with the person being cheated on, also known as the “cuckold.” One might well identify with the guy who steals the girl, also known as the “goer”, but there is no consensus among the community.

And why are we here to tell you all this? Well it turns out that “Yumeki Banana (夢木ばなな)“, a netorare Manga artist, has become a trend in recent months due to finally revealing that she is a woman. After participating in a recent convention, she was at the presentation of her new doujinshi, greeting her fans.

Unfortunately, none of his works have been translated into English, but you can witness his drawing style by checking out works like “Anata ga Nozomu nara (346422)“; “Zettai, Naisho ni Dekimasuyo (433579)“; and “Keshitai Kako, Kienu Kairaku (332529)“; to mention a few.

And of course, her appearance also brought a variety of comments on forums in Japan, noting:

  • «She wasn’t a hired girl then! She really was the author!».
  • «A lot of people are more excited about the idea of ​​a woman drawing hentai, maybe that’s why they are so popular».
  • «This is one of the things that an AI can’t overcome, the background».
  • «It’s too unreal, I imagine hentai artists as bald fat men».
  • «Hentai made by women are relatively repetitive, but they are realistic when it comes to female bodies.».
  • «I don’t get it, why would a woman draw something that denigrates her own gender?».

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