Marvel Snap adds PVP “friends” Battle Mode at last


The ability to battle friends (rather than just randoms online) is now available on the popular mobile card game.


Marvel Snap has proved extremely popular since its launch in October last year, but one promised feature has remained illusive. Until now.

The mobile card battle game (for iOS and Android) now allows you to take on your friends and family in a new Battle Mode using your decks of Marvel superheroes and villains, not just random players online.


This new PVP feature was talked about in the past, with developer Second Dinner announcing plans to introduce it before the end 2022. But, it is understood that its implementation was trickier than initially thought and Marvel Snap fans have had to be patient.

“Since the start of our beta tests, players have been asking, ‘When can I play against friends?’ So we are stoked to announce that the ability to battle against friends is finally live for players worldwide,” said the studio’s chief development officer, Ben Brode.

“We’ve been testing friendly battles for literally years, whether by running internal tournaments or just testing our favorite decks against colleagues. Now that it’s in the hands of players, I can’t wait to see where it’ll go from here. “

Marvel Snap is an excellent free-to-play game whereby you use a deck of 12 cards featuring heroes and villains to battle it out for rewards. Each card has its own abilities, cost to play, and power level that adds up at the end of a game. You must play cards across three zones with the aim of scoring highest in at least two of them by the end of the sixth round. The zones themselves also have abilities that affect the scores or your hand of cards.

It’s actually relatively simple to understand, but the strategies for card play are more intricate than you might initially think.

In addition, you earn new cards and variants on existing ones as you play, so you can swap around your deck to best suit your own tactics.

There are payment options to build your card collection more quickly, plus seasons that offer additional cards and rewards to paying players. However, we’ve found that the game is just as enjoyable and addictive without having to spend a single penny.

As well as iOS and Android, it is available in early access for Windows 11 devices.


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