Yesterday (February 27) at The Best FIFA Football Awards 2022, there was one interesting highlight at this event. That is, during the presentation of the best goal scorer of the year or The Best Puskas Award.

The award went to Marcin Olexi, a 35-year-old disabled footballer from Poland for Vorta Poznan, who demonstrated an incredible skill with an overhead volley using only one crutch. In a game against the Stahl Ressov team on 6 November 2022, which resulted in him becoming the first disabled player to proudly receive this award.

For Marcin Olexi, as a youth, he played football as a goalkeeper for a Polish fourth division team, inspired by Iker Casillas. The years of life have reached a turning point. While working on the construction and repairing the road surface he had an accident A car veered off course and crashed into Olexi. And from this cause his left leg had to be amputated.

Olexi once said The first period after this incident It was difficult for him to adapt to what he was going through. “I was in a wheelchair, smoking, crying a lot. and ask yourself Why did this happen to me?

“It was really difficult for me in the beginning. Because most of the responsibilities at that time, my lover (wife) had to do alone. At that time she was pregnant. And I feel like I’m another baby i feel so bad Because she doesn’t have time for herself. Because she has to take time to take care of me too.”

But when the days passed Olexi recalls that one day while playing football with his kids, he rekindled some football enthusiasm within him.

“The first time I came back to play football again. It was when I played football with my son. And it made me really happy. It was like a turning point for me. I started to get up and practice again. And then I started playing handicapped football seriously.”

Olexi soon started making a name for himself in Poland’s disabled football league. and from his great works Causing Olexi to be called into the Polish national football team for the disabled. And since then he has established himself firmly as a key player for the team.

And his story is more talked about. After being nominated for a Puskas Award, Olexi revealed that family and children All of them are proud and happy about this.

“Disabled football gave me a second life.

“Football has always been my passion. and make me very happy Now I am not only able to play football again. but also played for the Polish national team which I dreamed of all my life,” Olexi said after receiving the Best Goal award.



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