The head of state, during the transmission from Carabobo state of ‘Health Tuesday’, handed over the blood bank of the José María Vargas Hospital, in La Guaira state, seven popular clinics rehabilitated in Aragua state; these through the Bricomiles (Military Community Brigades for Education and Health) and the Falconian Institute of Scientific Research for Health, in Coro.

From the campus of the University of Carabobo, where important services for oncological treatments were delivered from the Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital, of that maximum house of studies in Valencia, the president made separate passes to the states of La Guaira, Aragua and Falcón to formalize the commissioning in operation of the works completed by the Bolivarian Government.

He also highlighted how much loving attention there is from those who will be in charge of the spaces for the community and recognized the quality and dedication of these Health personnel and those of all of Venezuela, in accordance with what is established in the Constitution that guarantees a Public Health System. , universal and quality, for Venezuelans. “We are in the renaissance stage,” he said.

Blood Bank in La Guaira

President Maduro inaugurated in La Guaira the blood bank service of the José María Vargas hospital, in the Guanapel sector of the Guairean capital.

The governor of that entity, José Alejandro Terán, who interacted with Maduro and led the inauguration at the Health center, said that it was also possible to “recover and rehabilitate the services of the health center, including five modern operating rooms that allow at least 900 interventions every month».

“Today we are pleased to inaugurate this vital service (blood bank) for the operation of the hospital, which has state-of-the-art technology and is one of the most modern in the country,” he said.

Terán also highlighted the investment of 15 million digital bolivars in the rehabilitation of the traumatology, pediatrics, waiting room, and dialysis services of the hospital, as well as its corridors.

He also explained that “all the Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Rooms of La Guaira and 26 outpatient clinics have been recovered thanks to the work of Popular Power and the Bricomiles.”

Milagros Montilla, general director of health of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (Ivss), who was also at the hospital, assured that the recently delivered blood bank can serve 30 patients or daily donors, for a total of 900 donors per month.

“With each donor, different supports can be obtained that would save the lives of patients who arrive due to shock trauma,” explained the head of the Ivss.

Seven popular offices rehabilitated in Las Tejerías

In another televised show, this time from the Santo Michelena municipality of Aragua state, Karina Carpio, governor of the entity, presented one of the seven popular clinics that from this February 14 come into service for Aragua communities.

The regional president presented the final product of the effort of the Bricomilen in the popular clinic in the El Jabillal sector, in Las Tejerías, a town that suffered a terrible landslide on October 8, 2022 that left at least fifty deaths, but four months after the tragedy shows significant improvements.

Carpio pointed out that the promises made by President Maduro to the inhabitants of Las Tejerías when he visited the disaster area last October have been fulfilled.

He also recalled the recent reopening of the hospitals in Cagua, capital of the Sucre municipality of Aragua state, and La Victoria, José Félix Ribas municipality of that central entity of the country, as well as the rehabilitation of the Bolívar de Las Tejerías square, delivered this Monday in the presidential activity to celebrate the four years of the Venezuela Bella Mission.

The regional president, in the company of the mayor of Las Tejerías, Pedro Hernández, described how the spaces that are delivered to the community allow comprehensive care for older adults and pediatric patients.

He showed the obstetric consultation room, and pointed out the rehabilitation of ceilings, walls and doors, the construction of a laundry and water channeling that allow medical personnel to spend the night and provide direct care.

The Vice Minister of Health, Yuliana Ramos highlighted the effectiveness of the ‘Renacer de Las Tejerías’ operation and pointed out that the recently delivered spaces are CPT II (type 2 popular clinics) that will serve at least 4,000 people.

Carpio pointed out that with the delivery of the rest of the six clinics also rehabilitated, the goal of delivery of these infrastructures to the community was met.

“We had to learn, we learned and what we are going is forward and what we are going to do is a lot with little and sometimes we do something with nothing,” said President Maduro after the inauguration in Aragua, and highlighted the love necessary for “that the resources multiply, everything turns out nice, turns out well”, in the rehabilitations.

Falconian Institute of Scientific Research for Health

In a third inauguration act in a televised show, President Maduro formalized the delivery of the Falconian Institute of Scientific Research for Health (Ifics), in Coro, the governor of the western entity, Víctor Clark, was in charge of showing the facilities .

The governor highlighted the participation of the Fundacite (Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology) in the state of Falcón, and the Ivic (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research), in the finished work that will allow real-time diagnoses, especially in matters of viruses.

Clark described that Ifics will allow, in real time, to purify, as well as perform chemical processes, clinical studies and molecular tests on 48 simultaneous virus samples in 20 minutes.
It was possible to know that the institute will serve the population in the diagnostic support of viruses such as measles or chikungunya, and that its installed technology achieves the inactivation of the viral particle of the samples to prevent infections and achieve the analysis.

Clark assured that the real-time result will be useful for the work of “a single government team” in the country, since decisions can be made in real time, in conjunction with the Institute of Hygiene and the Ministry of Health.

He also pointed out that Ifics will allow research to develop new drugs, as already happened with the polyvalent antidote for snake bites that the Falconian team developed and earned them the National Science Award.

After the pass, President Maduro stressed that Clark was one of those who was activated in terms of proposals to combat the coronavirus during the most critical situations of the covid-19 pandemic. And he recognized the excellent work in the elaboration of the “multipurpose anti-venom serum that won the special Science award”, and assured that those who made up the team that developed it “will create a time of innovation and contributions for Falcón and the rest of the country”.


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