Love is no longer a problem! Many companies allow ‘dates’ with ‘colleagues’, as a ban can result in the loss of good employees.


Romance at work willNot a problem anymore! As more and more companies start allowing employees to date co-workers. ready to find a way to reduce the risk after having to cause a breakup so as not to affect work efficiency

The Washington Post reported that many people have heard that many companies The company prohibits employees in the office from dating. to protect company secrets But now some companies are starting to allow young employees to date at work. Because I don’t want to lose good employees.

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According to the Society for Human Resource Management, Gen Z employees and millennials start changing attitudes More open to love from colleagues Seen from the past Valentine’s Day, many people started dating.

Phyllis Hartman, president of PGHR Consulting, says there will always be romance in the workplace. With most people’s lives being about 90,000 hours spent working, some choose to develop workplace relationships.

Not even during the COVID epidemic even if not working at the office But it’s possible to connect via Zoom and Slack. It’s important for companies to have a workplace love policy. to protect conflict situations that may arise

In contrast, 71% of US workers say the company they work for doesn’t allow disclosure of workplace romances. While 40% of employees say having a love of the workplace makes them unprofessional. and may have an impact on your career

Vanessa Matsis-McCready Engage PEO’s Vice President of Human Resources commented: having love at work When the two of them have problems, it creates a tense situation for those around them. And there can be risks that follow, as evidenced by famous people like TJ Holmes and former host Amy Robach. GMA3 Forced to leave ABC News after their relationship, followed by Jeff Zucker resigning from CNN in February 2022 after failing to disclose his relationship with a colleague.

However, the beginning of every relationship is a good thing. But if it had to end, it would be difficult to deal with. and may even not look at each other That will certainly affect performance.



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