Over the past few years, THE STANDARD POP has reported several times that many well-known luxury brands are expanding their business by opening private exclusive stores designed to cater to VIP customers. Which is the latest top brand of the industry like Louis Vuitton did not wait to open the first store inSoutheast Asia in Bangkok on the 1st floor of the ICONSIAM department store, which if anyone wants to use the service must make an appointment in advance.

This Louis Vuitton Exclusive Store is a collaboration between the brand’s team in Paris and Thai designer Ploenchan Winyarat to blend Louis Vuitton’s identity with the beauty of the East of Thailand. The store is divided into a reception hall and 3 private salons, each of which features works of art created specifically for the store, such as ‘CDGDMKBKKORY’, a collection of colorful woven fabrics. Let’s create a map of an imaginary city if Paris and Bangkok are combined, whose names come from Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG), Don Mueang Airport (DMK), Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and Paris Airport. Orly (ORY)

Because Louis Vuitton’s Exclusive Store targets VIP customers. Therefore, the products that are distributed are considered more special than other stores such as premium jewelry. High-class watches, travel chests, rare leather bags Tailoring clothes Long dress for a night out And there are looks from the runway in each collection. which will be presented at this store first before other stores in Thailand

more than that The experience that people who come to use the Exclusive Store will be considered a step further compared to other Louis Vuitton stores in the country, whether it has a special parking zone, High Tea Set served specially created by the Blue by restaurant. Alain Ducasse and a Mariage Frères hot tea blend exclusively for Louis Vuitton, as well as premium champagne.

An important reason why many luxury brands like Louis Vuitton have decided to open an Exclusive Store is because they want to help with the traffic in the store, which now has long queues almost everywhere and cannot provide thorough service. Especially with Top Spender VIP customers who need special attention. Plus, the store itself can be adapted for many events and activities. such as presenting a new collection of clothes workshop or even organizing a party

In just the third month of 2023, Louis Vuitton already has a lot of projects coming out. In addition to opening an exclusive store in Bangkok, there is also a collaboration project with Yayoi Kusama that will release Drop 2 at the end of this month. and the appointment of Pharrell Williams as creative director of menswear. Including appointing J-Hope of BTS and Jackson Wang as brand ambassadors. And what to keep an eye on is the new CEO Pietro Beccari replacing Michael Burke, who has had a degree in raising LVMH brands such as Fendi and Christian Dior, which Louis Vuitton itself is considered. The group’s largest brand, and in 2022 it generated the highest revenue ever. with sales exceeding $20 billion for the first time


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