Look at the picture of a realistic girl created by AI, but it came out wrong and it becomes terrifyingly funny!


At this time, AI, realistic girl portraits, has started to become very popular. Causing many people to try to create Stable Diffusion or other AI to try to create

This series of works belongs toAdmin page Ohara Intl – Robotics and Cybernetics who likes to share about technology. But today, I would like to share a new image of a girl created with AI. The one that came out at the end must be cursed instead. The description can be summed up in one short phrase: “AI generated atrocities” or “Fever created with AI”

Each image that comes out can be calledIf you pretend to ignore some parts of the picture, it may still be beautiful. But when looking at the whole picture, it can’t be ignored! There are both lower parts. The arm grew into another body. or legs grow out beyond normalReminiscent of the recently released Sons of The Forest characters!

However, some commentators said thatThis isn’t likely to be an AI, it’s more likely someone who draws a picture and intends to mock AI. because the picture came out too beautiful But the admin page still confirms that it’s really an image created with Stable Diffusion, but it comes out more beautiful than usual because the AI ​​has improved.

As for the opinions of the people who came to see it Many people were quite shocked. But there are some that can still answer with confidence that “OK!”

“This is a buy 1 get 2 for sure.”

“Isn’t this like the anime where the right hand of the protagonist turns into a little girl? (Midori no Hibi)”

“The Forest, is that it?”

“I’ll take it.”

“Is this a jojo prank?”

“Take this one. Chop it up and put it in a bag.”


“Creatures from the 4th Dimension”

“Some men will still be okay.”

Stable Diffusion

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