Livia Brito’s ex-partner denies accusations of sexual abuse


Danny Frank, Livia Brito’s ex-partner, came out to defend himself after the actress accused him of abuse, highlighted People En Español. The Colombian singer did not hesitate to tell his story and ensure that he is innocent.

“I was stumped. I am very puzzled by all this that Livia has said. Really, there is a lot of lies in everything she has expressed. It even makes me sad that a person with whom we shared so many years, at this point, comes out with these stories. I don’t have any version. The fact is that I never abused her physically or mentally, as she says. I don’t know what problems she brings to her, at this point in life, to say that, “Frank asserted in an interview with the” First-hand “program.”

Days ago, the actress “The Heartless” revealed that she had been raped and violated by her ex-partner. Brito pointed out that it was “a process of very strong psychological violence and he did not know how to get out of there.”

According to Brito, it was all caused by Frank’s alcoholism. The situation caused her opinions to be divided and there are those who do not believe Livia for all the controversies that she has starred in, and those who support her.

The artists maintained a sentimental relationship for 11 years. “We lasted five years living in my apartment. When she started taking money she left; she rented an apartment near Televisa. And after five years we continue. I ask a question: a person who is abused, mistreated; As she says, raped and everything she expresses, why after she left, having money and property, why did she continue with me? “continued the singer.

“He even expressed himself badly about his father, his family, his sister. So, it does not seem strange to me that he is talking about me like that, ”she added.

According to Livia Brito’s statements, he raped her for being an alcoholic. Danny denied having problems with alcohol and said that, on the contrary, he is a “quiet” person.

“I’m a very calm person; As for the alcoholic, I don’t know where he gets that from, I drink, I drink with my friends, at my events, but it’s not something that is excessive, ”he said.

“Clear my name”

Danny Frank who decided to talk about it to clear things up. “I have to speak to clear my name, because what he is saying is delicate. We broke up in 2015 and she kept looking for me; So much so, that my current partner, my wife Darly, once spoke to her and told her to respect her, not to keep looking for me, that we already have a daughter. Livia even apologized to my wife, ”she recalled.

other scandals

The career of the Cuban actress Livia Brito has been marked by scandals. Precisely, one of the most lasting and well-known relationships of the artist was the one she had with salsa singer Danny Frank. The singer during an interview pointed out that he forgave a couple of infidelities to the soap opera star.

According to, at that time Frank said that Livia Brito was unfaithful to him with Salvador Zerboni and José Ron, who were his partners in different soap operas, however, at that time the Cuban asked for respect for her privacy and offered no statements.

Also, it was learned that in 2020, Zerboni accused her of robbery. The couple ended their romantic relationship in 2012. The actor. during an interview. he joked that during their split “something was missing.” Laughing, he pointed out that he will look for the watches, although he clarified that he does not have many, but that the few that he does have his name engraved, El Heraldo highlighted.


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