Livia Brito revealed that she was abused by the singer Danny Frank


Livia Brito said that she was raped and physically abused by the singer Danny Frank. The actress maintained a sentimental relationship with the Colombian for eleven years, highlighted Milenio.

«There in that relationship I had many problems because Danny was an alcoholic, he was a singer, and then Danny would arrive at six in the morning very drunk, to the top, and by force he wanted to make love, and I was extremely tired and it reached the point of rape me,” he said in an interview with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel.

The Cuban actress, who has been surrounded by controversy, has stood out in several Mexican productions.

Brito stressed that he experienced this before he began his acting career, and that his partner told him that it was his obligation to have sex whenever he wanted.

«I would put nails in the door so that he would not enter, I would put nails in the bottom part so that he could not enter and he would break the door. At that time I was still an aide-de-camp and I was beginning to study at the CEA, and his mother is very Christian, so he told me ‘that’s your obligation because the woman has to give her husband sex,’” she recalled.

The 36-year-old actress also said that her lack of self-acceptance and inexperience in love led her to experience abuse.

the protagonist of “The Heartless” she recalled that she did not have many boyfriends either in her adolescence or in her youth because she did not feel like a beautiful woman.

another controversy

A few days ago, Livia reacted to the arrest of Eduardo Said Pichardo, who was a partner of the Cuban actress for three years, he was arrested for drug possession and other crimes.

“Very good afternoon, I wanted to tell you that as you all know I had a relationship with this person for more than six years, I met him as a singer, as a businessman, I have not heard anything else from him and many years have passed since then,” the actress told in a video posted on her Instagram account.

The statement comes after, despite not being involved in the scandal of the urban genre singer, Brito on social networks for allegedly having knowledge of the illegal activities to which the actor was also engaged.

According to the information, Said and other people who were apprehended belong to a criminal cell led by Lenin Canchola, dedicated to kidnapping, extortion, drug sales and other crimes.

As you will remember, the Cuban was Pichardo’s partner in 2016. During their relationship they were happy and even shared a YouTube channel where they talked about the day-to-day of their relationship that promised to end in a wedding, since they were engaged.

kidnapping accusation

In 2022, Livia Brito was once again in the eye of the hurricane. The Cuban stood up after the accusations against her ex-boyfriend, Mariano Martínez, after an accusation for an alleged kidnapping and torture of a stylist.

“I have no idea what is going on. I don’t know this person who is using my name to get famous. He is not my ‘stylist’, I never hired him, I don’t know him live, I don’t know him through chat. I don’t know who he is, I have no idea what’s going on. I just know that she is using my name to become famous, ”the actress said at the time in one of her Intagram stories.

The stylist had recorded a video on his social networks where he accused Brito’s partner of what had happened. “He tells me that he had lost a bag with his documents and that he had seen it with the cameras. I was waiting for the supposed cousin and that’s when we entered an apartment and there they tied my hands and feet, they took my cell phone, they asked me for the password and I asked him: ‘Where is the video?’”, he pointed out.

“I make it publicly known that this person is lying by saying that he was hired to be my stylist, he was not hired by me or by anyone close to me. I don’t know him, I’ve never spoken to him, neither through social networks nor in person,” said the artist.


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