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A producer of a company that manages idol groups has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police in Japan for indecent behavior towards the members of the group he is in charge of. The suspect, Yuuji Hoshino37, a producer for a talent management company, was arrested in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the producer is suspected of having violated the Law for the Protection of Minors on two October 2020 (three years ago) and in May of last year, by committing indecent acts with an 18-year-old girl who was a member of the group he led, knowing that at that time she was considered a minor.

The woman had been living alone for about three years in an apartment in Tokyo arranged by the producersince he was in the third grade of secondary school, and declared to the police that he believed that he would lose his position and his permanence in the group if he did not agree to the producer’s requests.

The producer has partially concealed his admission or denial to the investigations, saying he wants to consult a lawyer. The woman claimed to have been indecently assaulted some 200 times over a four-year period, up to October last year, and the Metropolitan Police are investigating the details of the incident.

Of course, the information was shared in comment forums and attracted a variety of opinions, especially relating the case to The Idolmastera franchise where the user takes the role of the producer of the girls, highlighting:

  • «It can’t be true, Producer-san…».
  • «I thought that only in doujinshi hentai we could see Producer-san fucking underage idols».
  • «Please stop making news that seems to be the end of a doujinshi story.».
  • «Did he misunderstand the world of The Idolmaster?».
  • «Pro… Producer-san?».
  • «It seems that this was the hidden ending of The Idolmaster».
  • «Boy, the news is getting more and more unbelievable».
  • «life is not a doujinshi».
  • «It seems that perverted acts against idols are becoming more and more constant».
  • «Two hundred times in four years? That’s once a week, awesome».
  • «This is the type of subject that The Idolmaster usually plays».

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