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by Kaydie Hansen, Communications Manager, Sega of America

  • From the creators of the Yakuza series, comes Like a Dragon: Ishin! which is available now on Xbox and Windows PC.
  • Fight with katana, guns, fists, and everything in a samurai’s arsenal to avenge the fallen master of Sakamoto Ryoma and lead Japan’s revolution.
  • Download the deadly and elegant katana ‘Poet Immortal’ exclusively from the Microsoft Store for free.

Take up your sword and join the revolution! Like a Dragon: Ishin!the latest game from the creators of Yakuzais now available worldwide on Xbox Series X | S. Ishin! is a samurai epic drawing on real-world Japanese history and politics fueled by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s over-the-top action combat.

Following the story of Sakamoto Ryoma, this lone samurai’s fight for justice will change the course of Japan’s history forever.

Ishin! It takes place in the Bakamatsu era of 1867, Japan. The country is engulfed in civil unrest due to widespread inequality and political tensions are on the rise. Ryoma’s teacher has fallen for a political ploy, and his only lead to the assailant points to the Shinsengumi, the elite samurai police force of the ruling Tokugawa Clan. Vowing to avenge his master, Ryoma has decided to flee to the capital and join the undercover Shinsengumi, where his path will intertwine with that of revolution.

The launch of Ishin! Today’s is a remake of its 2014 predecessor, which was never released outside of Japan. With tighter combat, improved graphics, full localization, and all-new content, the Ishin! today is truly the definitive version of the game. It is in no small part thanks to Yakuza fans around the world that the lost chapter of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s library has made its way to western shores on Xbox and Windows!

Certainly the katana is ubiquitous among samurai, but there was much more to their arsenal in the 1860s. Ryoma can wield firearms, swords, and even his bare fists in four unique combat styles. Change your fighting style even in the middle of the fight to counter your opponents.

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Created by Sega exclusively for Xbox fans, you’ll be able to claim the Poet Immortal katana, a deadly blade with an elegant shine. Poet Immortal is available to download for free only from the Microsoft Store. Once downloaded, head to the Teradaya Inn, which can be accessed from Chapter 2 onwards, to retrieve Bakumatsu Bob’s weapon.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Follow us on twitter @RGGStudio for series updates Like a Dragon or visit for more information.

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