Rome – Rethinking Unemployment Insurance for Lifeguards who, as seasonal workers, are penalized by the current legislation on Naspi. And the request made by the National Association of lifeguards to the government Meloni, and in particular his Minister of Labor, Marina Calderone.

The goal of Anab, which is fighting on the issue together with the National Association of Seasonal Workers (Anls), is to “guarantee seasonal workers greater protection and adequate compensation during the period of involuntary unemployment”: with the introduction of the Jobs Act, we read in the letter addressed to the top management of the Meloni government and also signed by the president of Anab Lazio Silvano Terenzio, “significant changes have been made compared to the previous legislation on the matter , on the duration and on the contribution requirements, in the presence of which one is entitled to the payment of the indemnity”.

“In practice – they explain from the Anab -, the allowance was halvedsince the new legislation provides that those who find themselves in a state of involuntary unemployment can benefit from it if they have paid thirteen weeks of contributions in the four previous years, with respect to the beginning of the period of unemployment and can claim thirty days of effective work or equivalent , regardless of the minimum contribution, in the twelve months preceding the beginning of the period of unemployment. The duration of the allowance is equal to half of the months worked in the last four yearsfor a maximum of two years; however, unlike the legislation previously in force, this calculation does not consider the contribution periods for which an unemployment benefit has already been paid: this significantly affects seasonal workers, since these workers will perceivesuch as unemployment benefit, only half of the months worked in the last yeari.e. only three months instead of six”.

For this reason, write the representatives of the National Association of lifeguards, “we ask the current government in office Giorgia Meloni to take initiatives to amend the current Naspi regulations“, and therefore guarantee more protection to those who, in spite of themselves, manage to work only a few months a year.

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