Other than that it’s been leaked a rather peculiar type of SBC, the leaks about Players Showdown for FIFA 23 continue. And this time, the Twitter account @FutSheriff say what John Stones (Manchester City centre-back) and Jacob Murphy (Newcastle right winger) may receive these types of letters. Their teams will play each other in the Premier League next Saturday.

FIFA 23 Leak – Stones and Murphy Showdown

Both on the right wing and in the central position, We already have useful players for different budgets in the Premier League. So, for Stones and Murphy to be interesting, they would have to be affordable or have pretty good features.

The Manchester City centre-back is likely to stand out for his defensive stats. However, in his FIFA 23 gold card he combines low pace (72) with 78 strength. He would have to camouflage those shortcomings to be worth it. Although due to his club and nationality, it would be very easy to include him in hybrids.

murphy It is unknown because it barely reaches silver with an average of 73, it could improve its statistics a lot but naturally it does not have great virtues. Although since he already has a 64 in defense, he could perhaps be the typical winger to be placed as a box-to-box midfielder from minute one.

Stats in game Stones gold FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
His defensive stats could be outstanding, but his pace and physicality should improve a lot.
Stats in game Murphy silver FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
We assume that you will receive a big upgrade, because your initial conditions in FIFA 23 are bad.

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