Launch Summoners War: Chronicles See you on March 9th!


Com2uS Studio Host a new game launch event Summoners War: Chronicles grand center Central World Ready to show the 3 most tense presenters Oat Pramote, Lung Night and Ice Siam Dream Ready to reveal D-Day playing simultaneously on all platforms on March 9

Summoners War: Chronicles is the first MMORPG of the series. The story takes place 100 years before the previous games. and another interesting thing is that the game can be played both on Google Play, App Store, including PC via Steam which is considered to meet the needs of gamers in almost every way

While the launch event was bustling because of the big play in the heart of Central World, there were many fans participating in activities and playing games.

Ready to launch TVC and 3 presenters, both Oat Pramote, Lung Night and Ice Siam Dream in full on stage and culminating with a special show from Siam Dream to have fun together.

Summoners War: Chronicles is now open for pre-registration. And prepare to open for full service on March 9 Let’s wait and play!

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