A 90% hotel occupancy registers La Guaira for this Carnival 2023 holiday, because the regional government authorities deploy a security and protection operation on the Guaireño coast.

«We expect a million and a half seasonal visitors for this Carnival holiday. The medical supply in hospitals is being reinforced, as well as the supply of gas and other services in inns, restaurants and communities,” reported José Alejandro Terán, governor of La Guaira.

A 40% mobilization is expected through the land terminals of Catia La Mar and La Guaira, with the most frequent destinations for Guaireños being the central zone of the country such as Maracay (Aragua), Valencia (Carabobo) and also the plains, reported Marcos Meléndez , Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of La Guaira.

“Direct beach routes will be activated from the terminals to Caracas or the beaches,” said Meléndez.

He explained that the routes to the east of the country will be activated according to passenger demand or planning.

Routes and prices

The tickets and routes maintain the same prices as the Christmas holiday, indicated Meléndez, and can be paid by mobile payment, debit or currencies at the rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela.

Prices vary from 230 bolivars or 15 dollars to 700 bolivars or 35 dollars, depending on the route or destination.

Prices by destinations

For Puerto Píritu the ticket costs $15, Puerto la Cruz $17, Cumaná $20, Cariaco $22, Carúpano $22, Anaco $22, El Tigre $24, Punta de Mata $22, Maturín $22, Caripito $26 , Ciudad Bolívar $30, San Félix $35, Puerto Ordaz $35, San Cristóbal $40 and Barinas $30.

To Caracas by private line the ticket costs 14 bolivars, and in Sitssa 7 bolivars.

Agenda for Carnival

This Wednesday, the Carnival in La Guaira will begin with the election of the queen for children and the elderly, in the Historic Center of La Guaira, at 6 in the afternoon. And for Thursday, there will be the Carnival school parade, in the Cinta Costera, informed Governor Terán.

He explained that on Friday, it will be the election of the youth queen of Carnival, at the José María Vargas Sports Center at 6 pm, and will feature performances by national artists.

As of Saturday, the open-air concerts will begin on the Cinta Costera and Paseo La Marina in Catia La Mar.

The floats will parade from February 18 to 20, along Soublette Avenue in La Guaira and a participation in the monumental promenade of Los Proceses in Caracas is estimated.

In beaches like Chuspa, Los Caracas, Naiguatá, Candilejas, Camurí Chico, Paseo de Macuto, Catia La Mar Spa, Coral Beach, Surfista Beach and Círculo Militar, beach festivals are scheduled, for which 80 lifeguards and defenders of the rights of children and adolescents for protection.


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