Where there is fire, there must be KJL, an important strategy of ‘KJL’, moving forward to expand the business. Invest to import robots to develop products. Increase production capacity by 10-15%, targeting customers in all industries Aiming to double revenue and profit by 2027

Kasemsan Sujiwarodom, Chief Executive Officer of Kitcharoen Engineering Electric Public Company Limited or KJL, said that the beginning of KJL started making its own brand in 2011 by developing both products. Marketing services to meet the needs of customers, including real estate, hospitals, renewable energy industry, IT industry and Data Center.

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The business strategy of the company is under the definition of FIST, consisting of 1. Flexible: flexible, able to adjust according to situations 2. Innovation: advanced, must have modern innovations 3. Speed: fast, punctual and 4. Trustworthy Confidence and trust, and most importantly, where there is light, there must be KJL, hoping to create sustainable growth in the future.

If you delve deeper into the KJL product group, there are light cabinets, light rails, along with services for designing and installing electrical systems, as well as cutting, drilling, folding, sheet metal work according to the design. with automatic cabinet design service The production process is made from machinery imported from Japan.

Kasemsan continued to talk about business plans in 2023. The company has ordered to import automation systems and robots. To increase the production capacity of KJL brand products by 10-15% from the original production capacity of 20 million pieces per year. coupled with designing with 3D programs to produceProducts according to customer requirements with no minimum Or can order to produce only one piece, such as a queue card dispenser, ATM machine, top-up machine, vending machine and various medical instruments to make the brand more known Including investing in solar rooftops to generate electricity to help solve the problem of high electricity bills.

At present, the customer group includes both dealers. electrical equipment stores, contractors and electricians with the KJL Network spread across the country. Importantly, nowadays, you can order products in the morning. can be delivered in the afternoon to meet more customer needs

In 2022, the company had a total income of 1,026.07 million baht, an increase of 21.38% or an income of 180.73 million baht from the previous year with a total income of 845.34 million baht and a net profit of 131.63 million baht, an increase of 37.59 million baht.

Increased income comes from product sales. It consists of a switchboard cabinet, wiring ducts and a pool box. and the expansion of investment in large-scale government projects. especially projects related to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), including income from sales of manufactured products and increased scrap sales

While the increase in net profit was due to the increase in product prices in line with production costs. Including the use of Industry 4.0 production control technology to increase production efficiency, including laser cutting machines. Computerized punching machines, folding machines and automatic folding robots. Resulting in a continuous decrease in the cost of expenses related to production staff.

However, the company aims to grow both profits and revenue more than 2 times by the year 2027, mainly from the expansion of dealers throughout the country. and expanding the production capacity of the factory And most importantly, there are plans to offer products to cover all industries. Especially the electric vehicle group that is currently a hot trend.


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