Kit Ngai and Aisha won awards at the 11th Thailand Social Awards.


Kit Ngai – Aisha, two influencers under OSx Network, won the award at the 11th Thailand Social Awards and brought home the influencers under the agency to take home the award.

Thailand Social Awards

February 22 – The official results have been announced. for the biggest awards ceremony of social people “11th Thailand Social Awards” this year OSx Network send Kit Ngai received the Best Creator Performance on Social Media in the Gaming & E-sport category and “Aisha Channel” received the Best Creator Performance on Social Media in the Virtual Creator category. Both of them won this award for the second year in a row. For this year’s event, it will be held offline again at True Icon Hall.

OSx Network, an MCN network provider under Online Station, reinforces its authenticity as a leader in real gamers and influencers. Many influencers were sent to be finalists in each field, whether Gaming & Esport, Virtual Creator, Food & Dining, and Sport. The 11th Thailand social Awards was organized by Wise. Sites, an award given to social media influencers. Which this year returns to be organized offline again has officially announced to be completed

And this year, as expected, “Kit Ngai” won the Best Creator Performance on Social Media in the Gaming & E-sport category for the second year in a row, ready to say.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in this award regardless of the streaming channel on any platform. I’m very happy to receive this award, hope everyone will like it and continue to support me. And will continue to try to produce fun and good content like this.

And in this category, Chicken V, who has entered the list for the first year, received the Finalist award in this field as well, followed by “Aisha Channel”, a young girl Vtuber, won the Best Creator Performance on Social Media in the Virtual Creator category consecutively. It is the second year as well and still said

“For the past 3 years, Aisha has been trying to create content that brings new happiness to fans. Until today, Aisha has a lot of Vtuber friends and fans who grew up together. I have to thank all the encouragement and will intend to develop myself and create new content. and would like to have the opportunity to work with seniors content creators by getting involved in the real world Whatever it is, please follow the Aisha Channel and promise to continue to create laughter for everyone.

And in this category, Hori 07 was also awarded as a Finalist for the second year as well. BANKII was also awarded as a Finalist in the Food & Dinning category, and for the first year for Football Speech and NRsportsRadio. who was nominated and won the Finalist award in the Sport category as well

Online Station and OSx Network would like to congratulate every award this time. And hope to see good works that are quality, creative and useful. Create happiness and fun for the fans like this forever.

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