Killed in Prado de María a member of Garbys


Agents of the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) shot down this Monday night a subject linked to Garbys Ochoa (El Garbys), ringleader of the criminal structure that operated in Cota 905, Caracas, according to police sources.

The procedure was carried out in the Prado de María Triangle, El Cementerio, Caracas, where officials attached to the PNB’s Directorate against Organized Crime confronted an armed group. It is there that Raymond Atahualpa Flores Castellanos (Atahualpa), who possessed a 22-caliber semi-automatic long-range submachine gun with no visible serial marks, was shot dead, according to the report.

Alias ​​El Garbys intends to recover Cota 905 for the distribution of drugs, according to intelligence investigations provided by security agencies.

In fact, last weekend the PNB Anti-Drug Division seized 21 panelas of cocaine that the Garbys group aspired to place at Cota 905.


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