Kiehl’s Brand Launches Sustainability in Thailand’s First Mission Renewal Campaign By continuing the commitment to sustainability, starting from the selection of the source of the ingredients Pollution-reducing design and manufacturing as well as supporting activities that improve our communities and our planet. Kiehl’s is committed to a circular economy. Set a goal by 2030 that includes sustainable resource allocation. 100% of Kiehl’s products must be processed to reduce waste.​ and sourcing from natural ingredients that have been sustainably sourced able to replant or can occur naturally

Designed to reduce waste at source, 100% of Kiehl’s bottles, jars and packaging are made from recycled plastic. and is reused repeatedly in the form of a refill bag It also empowers communities around the world to transform our society and the planet for a better place. In 2023, Kiehl’s partnered with Qualy. Brand of Thai design products for a sustainable world Bring the empty packaging into the process.recyclebecome new products such as Mission Renewal plant pots in a special Gift Set Approximately 10 empty Kiehl’s containers = 1 potted plant.

The brand’s 2023 goal is to aim for everyone to recycle 35,000 pieces of empty packaging. For those who recycle empty products with us, get 50 Kiehl’s Friend & Family points. No shopping bag, get an additional 50 points according to the aspiration. that we want to give back to the society and community Proceeds after expenses will be donated to SOS Children’s Foundation of Thailand. under the royal patronage Just shop any Kiehl’s product = donate 10 baht to SOS Children’s Foundation of Thailand. from 1 March – 30 April 2023

Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s


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