Karina sang to Marlene and threw Shakira at her


Karina resumed her lives on Instagram with a tribute to Marlene, a show that marks the end of a cycle of these mini-concerts in the 2.0 world. As will be remembered, the Venezuelan singer has made these meetings a must for her fans and music lovers in general.

“Today is the last of these lives,” commented the artist at the beginning of the presentation. “What does all this mean? Don’t be scared that things are getting better, better (…). It is the last time that we do it here at home, in my case, because we are going to a different place, where we are going to do the same thing, but we are going to do it with people; The people who are here in Miami, who pass through Miami, who live in Miami, who feel Miami… will be able to attend and enjoy them,” the vocalist commented, clarifying that the concerts will continue to be broadcast via IG.

Regarding her tribute to Marlene, the remembered and iconic Venezuelan singer who died on January 31, at the age of 67, Karina stressed that the artist was a shooting star.

«It was a star like Halley’s comet, which leaves a trail and leaves the memory of this passage through the universe indelible, an indelible memory, because it was very fleeting, very fast, it withdrew very quickly, and it died suddenly, young and hidden, because we never heard from her from the moment she retired,” said the interpreter.

«However, I want to say that for many it was very important because he had a voice… well, unique. We want to pay this tribute from here and to the hereafter where she is Marlene, in gratitude for having left us this wonderful music. I am sure that no reggaeton is going to make history like the songs that we are going to sing tonight, she pointed out.

«Of you, of me», «What happens to us this morning», «Don’t you notice that I’m shaking” and Love me» were the themes interpreted by Karina with great intensity and emotion (although changing the order of the choruses or the lyrics at times).

These songs, it is worth remembering, are part of “Marlene”, the only album by the vocalist born in Puerto Ordaz. They are all authored by the famous Spanish composer Juan Carlos Calderón (1938-2012), and they placed it at the top of Venezuelan music billboards, some of them even being heard outside the country.

she also bills

As is her custom, Karina usually talks about various topics between song and song in these lives. And at one of the moments of this concert she decided to talk about Shakira and her songs against her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

Thus, after finishing interpreting “What’s wrong with us this morning”, and criticizing reggaeton again, among other things, he commented: “Shakira, enough! I want to tell all the girls to stop bullshitting all the men, first because not all of them are the same. Ninety-nine percent are shit, but there is always one that is cool, “she commented with a laugh.

“And the position is not that if we need them to live, nobody needs anyone, because everyone survives alone, we came and we left alone,” he said.

“I have billed, my people, since I was 16 years old, and I have not carried a stick like others have,” he said at another time.

And he added: «The woman who is left has to have a hair of dignity (…). The next song or appearance of this girl (Shakira) should be with a macho next to her, a full-fledged guy. In other words, the claim of love. Because besides everything, one cannot change due to circumstances, one is what one is. I am not going to become cursed because everyone is cursed and because they did it to me, what happens is that I am going to choose better ».

“If you’re really over it, get over it. You are going to continue singing the same thing, you have five songs singing to the guy. I mean, yeah You think that she needs to bill, with the millions and trillions she has (…) Wounded wolf, wounded wolf. It’s already good. Empowerment doesn’t mean you crush everyone in your path.”


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