JoJoLands“started very recently as part 9 of “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure“, one more in this historic franchise that Hirohiko Araki has managed to carry out a thousand wonders for decades. Although in Anime we still have many years to see this specific story, the truth is that his first steps in Japan could not be more positive, and that is has achieved a milestone that has not been seen in the country for 11 years… and since “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” itself achieved it on its part.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Fans Plunge Headlong into JoJolands

This is what is known regarding how “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” has fared with the debut of part 9 of his Manga:

  • Basically, the great achievement of JoJoLands has been getting Shueisha to have it done a new batch of Ultra Jump magazine prints in Japan, in which JoJoLands is published. 🤘
  • How is this an achievement? Well because it is the fourth time that it happens in the entire history of the magazine and the first time that it happens in the last 11 years of its publication. 😍
  • The last time interest in making Ultra Jump prints beyond the output numbers was seen, precisely, with JoJolion’s debut chapter, part 8 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Indeed, only the Jojos can with the Jojos. 😮
  • Thus, this new batch of Ultra Jump issues will begin to be distributed as of March 15, 2023, and will indeed include that first chapter of JoJoLands that already seems to be so successful among Japanese fans from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. 😁

I honestly think “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” is the most special franchise that exists in the Manga and Anime industryEspecially for the part that you don’t really know what you’re ‘up against’ until you jump right in with it. Shuiesha’s greatest historical hits like “Dragon Ball”, “One Piece” and others are easily understood from the first moment, but with the JoJos the truth is that the plot and characters are managed in an incredibly unique way. The truth is, there are many desires that I have to see part 7 already in Anime.

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