Jirajara Complex placed 31,000 blocks in community sessions


The Jirajara Pottery Complex began this 2023 with a plan called “Jirajara in your community” with which they already have 31,000 products placed in the communities of the municipalities of the Falcón state furthest from urban areas that do not have commercial allies.

Its president, Arlando Aular, reported that the initiative is part of a marketing strategy so that popular power can access the parts of the two production lines at a cost 40% below market prices.

With the start of this plan, the first communities to benefit were the San Luis parish in the Bolívar municipality with 26 thousand pieces and in the Cabure parish, Petit municipality, 15 thousand pieces, thanks to the efforts of the mayors Darwin Noroño and Yoneida Chirinos, respectively.

“The company put into operation by the revolution adds to the seven lines of work for this year 2023 that President Nicolás Maduro announced, which refers to distributing our products to the residents with the help of the popular power organization, that is, that the system we implement is similar to that of the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap)”, the engineer stated.

He explained that the idea arose as a response to the need to acquire blocks, but due to the excessive price of the freight it became very expensive, for this reason they established a solidarity price, aware of the location of the plant, since it is located on the Coro-Carretera highway. Churuguara, Tunape sector, Colina municipality.

He argued that this program complies with the instructions of the Minister of Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel Arismendi, and the Governor, Víctor Clark Boscán, under the premise of social action that identifies socialist companies, coupled with the ranges of productivity and self-sustainability that each plant must report to the national government as part of the economic engine of the country.

Aular announced that the next sessions will take place in the municipalities of Sucre (La Cruz de Taratara), Miranda (Santa Rita), Democracia (Pedregal) and Falcón (Pueblo Nuevo).

Another of the objectives that the plan has set is to strengthen the self-construction of citizens, be it new homes, repairs and extensions that impact on the decrease in demands for the Great Housing Mission Venezuela.

Methodology implemented similar to Clap

In this sense, the mass sales days are coordinated with the community leaders and street managers, who, with the cartography of their area, convene an explanatory meeting with the sales team of the Pottery Complex and in that space they quantify the demand for the products. , in terms of number and types.

Subsequently, the corresponding payments are made by each interested party and they establish the delivery date next to the place where the company places the complete lot from where each buyer is in charge of withdrawing, said site is set in an easily accessible area where each and every one of customers can bring their material.

“We invite mayors who are interested in promoting this opportunity to promote housing construction in their sectors to communicate through the social networks of the Alfafero Jirajara Complex, as well as to representatives of popular power,” he said.

Jirajara Pottery Complex

Since its creation, the Jirajara Pottery Complex has produced 61 million 814 thousand 224 blocks with a monthly quota of approximately 400 thousand pieces.

Engineer Aular explained that thanks to the continuous production system, the plant does not stop, so it works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for which they have four work shifts, with an average monthly consumption of clay of 1,176 tons.

Among the products offered are 10 and 15 centimeter blocks, 15 centimeter ratchet, 10 and 15 centimeter zappa, 15 and 20 centimeter piñata, 60 and 80 centimeter planks, as well as roof blocks.

Regarding the contribution to the GMVV, he assured that it contributes to the construction of houses in a large part of the western part of the country, including the Andean and Zulia states.


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