Marubeni or Marubeni, a Japanese company Acquired the franchise rights of ‘Tim Hortons’, launching an offensive game, accelerating the expansion of more than 100 branches, capturing coffee lovers in Singapore-Malaysia-Indonesia Ready to adjust the taste of beverages and bakery menus to meet the needs of consumers. Aims to generate revenue of 15 billion baht by 2033.

Nikkei Asia reported that Tim Hortons, a famous coffee brand from Canada, It now has more than 5,600 locations worldwide. Marubeni recently entered into a deal with Tim Hortons parent company, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), to acquire franchise rights to expand its coffee shops in Southeast Asia. Consists of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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It was a big move for Marubeni. After receiving the right to open stores, Tim Hortons plans to expand more than 100 locations, which will gradually open in the first quarter of 2024 and prepare to adjust the taste of the beverage and bakery menu. to meet the tastes of consumers in each country The goal is to generate sales of about 300 million US dollars (1.5 billion baht) by 2033.

Marubeni will bring its business expertise and retail network presence in Southeast Asia to support the coffee shop operations. Currently, Marubeni is headquartered inChuo Ward Tokyo Doing various types of businesses From consumer products, chemicals to power plants and industrial plants.

The Tim Hortons franchise marks the first business to come under the new corporate development division Marubeni was established last year. to focus on expanding the restaurant business to create growth in the Asian market mainly

In Thailand, Tim Hortons currently has more than 10 branches, most of which are located in shopping centers such as Samyan Mitrtown, The Mall Ngamwongwan, Ploenchit Center and Seacon Bangkae. Managed under Veeat Co., Ltd.

Looking back in January 2020, Tim Hortons opened its first branch in Sam Yan Mitrtown by highlighting the selling point of 100% Arabica premium coffee that has been roasted and selected seeds from Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil. Grind according to a secret formula to enter the market until causing a phenomenon in which long lines are waiting to enter the service And there is a photo to be shared via social media channels.

However, according to Euromonitor data, the coffee shop business market in Thailand worth more than 36 billion baht is still a market with potential and opportunities to grow. It can be seen from small and large companies that continue to expand their branches. causing businesses to face high competition Ready to leverage strategies to create a good customer experience in terms of products and services to attract customers into the store.



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