Japan: Schoolgirls Wear Skirts As Short As Those In An Anime: Many times, within hundreds of anime series, we have seen high school girls wear very short skirts that would be impossible to see in real life because they would easily expose their underwear. Obviously, this does not happen in the anime series because gravity works in a “different” way, in the same way, that Goku’s hair never gets ruffled. Follow More Updates On MangaManhwa.Org

Schoolgirls Wear Skirts

Anyway, jokes aside. It is not that the schools deliver the uniforms with such short skirts, but that the girls themselves pick up the skirt and use a belt to keep it at the height they want. This process consists in that, already with the skirt on, they start to make a hem from the top, which makes the skirt start to get shorter and shorter. When it reaches the desired height, they adjust the tightness with a belt. There are also ways to make this change permanent, by sewing the fabric together.

The ideal, or recommended, the height of a skirt according to the dress code or protocol (which is what should apply for a school) is below the knee or slightly above it. But it turns out that there was some kind of study where they compared the height of the skirts of schoolgirls in Japan in different prefecturesAnd there are schools where the girls wear skirts as short as those in an anime!

Running from left to right, the listing even includes descriptive photos so readers don’t have to guess the measurements:

  • Shiga Prefecture: 19 centimeters above the knee.
  • Niigata Prefecture: 20 centimeters above the knee.
  • Tokyo Prefecture: 23 centimeters above the knee.
  • Ibaraki Prefecture: 25 centimeters above the knee.

Of course, there were comments about it in opinion forums, highlighting:

  • How short are the legs, that with 25 centimeters above the knee, they leave nothing to the imagination?
  • Oh my gosh, I thought those girls would be wearing knee-highs. But not even that
  • That’s not even a skirt anymore, it’s a huge belt
  • I think in Sailor Moon they wore skirts that short
  • Well, I haven’t thought about this, but girls wearing those kinds of skirts are too erotic.”
  • Do they go to a school for the training of whores?
  • Unbelievable, there are no schoolgirls with good legs nowadays
  • Do they want to show their panties that much?
  • What is the insistence on showing the thighs? It is not a complaint
  • I think that it should no longer be measured from the knee, but from the pussy


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