I remember the official announcement of final fantasy 16 enthusiastically for various reasons. A plot pointing to palace intrigue, explicit blood and executions, sex, Devil May Cry-like combat… Square Enix was finally ready to take its most famous saga to a new level. However, his presentation trailer also included a detail that continues to raise doubts today. What about the PC version?

Those responsible for this video game took many months to speak openly about this issue, and when that moment came they only pointed out that Final Fantasy XVI will be exclusive to PS5 for six months. When reading that sentence, a large part of the fans thought that when that period expired (at the end of 2023 / beginning of 2024) the computer edition would finally be released. Nevertheless they were wrong.

Final Fantasy XVI will take a long time to come out for PC

final fantasy 16
  • In the last entry of PSBlog Japanese, Naoki Yoshida (game producer) shed a little more light on the matter of the port to PC👇🏻
  • “I’ll be clear, the PC version won’t be out for half a year”declared Yoshi-P❌
  • Therefore, the option that Final Fantasy XVI will reach Steam or similar stores in early 2024 is ruled out, what’s more, we will have to wait many more months⌛
  • “I’d like to release it (the PC edition) eventually, and I think I will, but right now I’m not at the right stage to say when”🤞🏻

A game that will squeeze the new generation of consoles

This afternoon they were published the first impressions of the media after testing a playable demo of Final Fantasy XVI, and practically confirms what we already suspected. The new installment of the Square Enix saga is called to be one of the great works of 2023, a title destined to lead the new generation of consoles through its frenetic combat system and its overwhelming graphics. Are you excited, huh?


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