The long-awaited Atlus game has been delayed within the development team, according to new rumors

I am not going to deceive you: it makes me very sad to write this (since the saga Person is my favorite saga) but, on the other hand, I wasn’t expecting Persona 6 in 2023. Yes, throughout this year they could announce it, which would make me very happy, and I hope that the announcement be accompanied by the rumored Persona 3 Remake. Oh really, a Persona 3 with the graphics of Persona 5 It has to be an absolute crazy game, because the story already exceeds that of 5 for many people.

The thing is that the insider who spoke of persona 3 remake now he has taken the opportunity to talk about Person 6. This source is reliable among the fan community of the saga of Atlus since on occasions it has leaked information related to the games of the Japanese company, and not only of the saga Person.

Of course, he has taken the opportunity to talk about the sixth installment but It has not been to give good news. Although I insist, what he says is something more or less to be expected since the game should have been announced by now.

Persona 6 is going out of 2023

That is what the mentioned user assures in a comment in the forums of ResetEra.

  • Say what It is 100% impossible for Persona 6 to come out in 2023
  • He says that he has information on when they plan for him to come out, but who can’t say it 🤐
  • But it does leave the door open for there to be a teaser at the next PlayStation event, which is rumored to be in summer ❗️
  • ensures that Atlus has two other projects in development and that it is very probable that both arrive before Persona 6 ✌️

What about Persona 3 Remake?

persona 3 remake

Well it turns out that persona 3 remake I would be one of those projects that is in development by Atlus. It’s been rumored for a long time, and when there are so many rumors about a title, they often come true. Well this would arrive before Persona 6, which would make sense since they recently released the port of persona 3 portable and it would be more logical to release a remake of that now than a new installment and release the remake later. As for the second project under development by the Japanese company, it has not said anything else.


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