It seems that a new special version for a FUT Heroes has been leaked


EA Sports has already officially confirmed that Fantasy FUT will be the next FIFA 23 event and, because of the logo that we see on one of the loading screens, andIt is very likely that FUT Heroes will appear In the celebration.

Well, it seems that Peter Crouch could be one of them. And we say this because, according to the Twitter account @Fut_scoreboardthey would have added a pack to the video game that would include this former soccer player as Future FUT Heroes on loan for seven games.

FIFA 23 Leak – Peter Crouch Future FUT Heroes

It draws attention that was “Future FUT Heroes” and did not include anything from Fantasy. It may be that the FUT Heroes in the Fantasy FUT event will receive a different name than the active players. Or it may just be an additional card type.

Either way, it seems likely that Peter Crouch will receive another special version in FIFA 23. And he’ll probably follow the lead of Messi TOTY and Julián Álvarez Future Stars. In other words, we could get her on loan for seven games because would be needed to get some FUT Moments stars.

crouch fut heroes of fifa world cup 23 2 e1677665193636
Maybe Peter Crouch will star in a FUT Moments story and that’s why we could take him on loan.

Peter Crouch already has two other cards in FIFA 23, the base and the one related to the World Cup. But both have quite low pace, very unbalanced dribbling and poor passing stats. In addition to three stars in skills and bad leg. Although perhaps, in the future version of him, he could fit better into the Ultimate Team meta. AND He is one of the few strikers who exceeds two meters in height.

Stats in game Crouch FUT Heroes of FIFA World Cup 23 Ultimate Team
Its previous versions of FIFA 23 have some pretty serious flaws.

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