Isekai fantasy novel Surgeon Elise will have an anime


The popular Korean novel/web comic Surgeon Elise (known in Japan as Gekai Elise) of Yuin and mini has released incredible news that has surprised its readers and it is that it was confirmed that the work will have an adaptation to an Anime series that will be produced by the animation studio MAHO FILM.

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In addition, an official website and Twitter account for the Anime adaptation of the novel have been unveiled to the public. Surgeon Elise, where new updates on the series will be released in the future. Below we will leave the corresponding links:

But that’s not all, since in the official media of the Anime Surgeon Elise The first members of the staff who will participate in the production of the series have been presented together with a new visual image starring the character Elise de Chlorance

Staff Members:

  • kumiko habara is in charge of directing the Anime
  • the animation studio MAHO FILM is in charge of producing the Anime
  • Hitomi Mieno is in charge of the Anime composition
  • hiroko watanabe is in charge of the Anime character design
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Surgeon Elise (Gekai Elise) is a Korean novel and web comic written by Yuin and illustrated by Mini. The novel is published by KW BOOKS Co.Ltd and its respective web comic is serialized by Kidari Studio, Inc.

Surgeon Elise Synopsis:

Dr. Song Jihyun is considered a prodigy among surgeons and is known for her ability to save patients regardless of their condition. However, in her past life, she was known as Elise de Clorance, the impolite wife of the emperor who, through her jealousy and greed, had lost her loved ones and, ultimately, the life of her. she. For that reason, she vowed to save lives instead of destroying them.

After a fatal plane crash, Elise finds herself once more in her old body. With her prior knowledge of modern medicine and the chance to right her wrongs, she is determined to contribute to the empire as a doctor in this life. But will Elise be able to prevent her betrothal to Prince Linden of Romanoff, the man she had loved to the point of giving her life?

©yuin,mini/Surgeon Elise Project


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