After Ben Yedder POTM of Ligue 1UCL’s Rodrygo MOTM is the new SBC card for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Arrives next to TOTW 17 and It will be available until March 1st.. It’s two points less than his World Cup Freaks item, though it also looks a lot cheaper. Could it be a useful attacker? Let’s analyze it.

Stats in game Rodrygo MOTM UCL FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: RD and MD. Right now we can’t show a solution of the SBC, but we leave below its requirements. He has four stars in skills and a bad leg, medium / medium work rate, Body Type Slim, is 1’74 and right-handed.

SBC Requirements

  • First team (Real Madrid): Minimum 83 average and a Real Madrid player. The individual reward is a Player Mix Pack (Tradeable).
  • Second squad (LaLiga): Minimum 84 on average and a LaLiga Santander player. The individual reward is an Electro Premium Players Pack (Tradeable).

FIFA 23 – Analysis of UCL’s Rodrygo MOTM

We expect him to be a skilled attacker generating his own chances inside the box, by combining Slim Body Type with speed and good dribbling stats. However, his shot will not be top and as an assistant he could be out of tune at times. Apart from the fact that, despite his speed, in long races he will be more vulnerable due to the lack of physical presence.

While 85 completion isn’t bad, it should perform worse due to 78 shot power. His long shot is also low (79) and he doesn’t possess any shooting traits. The short pass is a bit weak but decent (81), although above all he worries his 77 in vision and the 67 long pass.

UCL’s Rodrygo MOTM will be able to hit a lot of clear shooting opportunities, but he won’t be a top scorer. AND his inaccuracy with the shipments should ruin a few plays. A deficiency that, against the most demanding Ultimate Team rivals, could be very damaging.

It is an attacker profile that convinces us more for old-gen than for next-gen. There he will probably take more advantage of his Slim Body Type and dribbling numbers to create chances. Although since we are already at the end of February, are not as amazing qualities as in the boot of FIFA 23. It is not difficult to find players who are also very skilled at dribbling and know how to create their own goal situations by not slacking off with the stars.

And as we said before, it’s great that his balanced 92 pace reaches perfection with Cazador but we don’t expect top performance in the long runs. Because when it comes to struggling, his body type will work against him. He is only 1’74 and his strength is exaggeratedly low (46). So when he’s running at full speed, it’s easy for physically imposing defenders to push him off balance.

Therefore, we highlight their conditions for haggling. UCL’s Rodrygo MOTM will be your typical one-on-one footballer, electric over short distances. But we would like you to accompany that virtue with other interesting resources for FIFA 23.

Although he should hit many clear shooting situations, he will not be a lethal scorer. He could disturb the circulation of the ball due to his weak passing numbersand in long races it will be handicapped by its lack of strength.

We consider him someone usable, even more so in the old-gen version as a striker if you tend to dominate games through possession. But we don’t think he’s someone top and it is easy to find more convincing alternatives.

Examples competitive cards Real Madrid FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Real Madrid has quite a few level cards, although many of them are very expensive (design possible thanks to

So is it worth it?

We only recommend it if it’s absolutely necessary to create some very valuable hybrid, and you don’t want to spend more of your budget on its World Cup Freaks version. As Rodrygo MOTM from UCL is a Brazilian from Real Madrid, maybe he could be key to link certain cards and form a very interesting squad. But If you are not in that specific situation, we do not recommend it.

If you have enough coins in FIFA 23, you will probably be able to sign more competitive footballers. For example, in LaLiga Santander we have Joao Félix Winter Wildcards in that position (around 600,000 in the general market). But even if you can’t (or don’t want to) use a lot of coins, there are medium-low cost alternatives that also convince us a little more.

In fact, Raphinha IF It is worth about 70,000 coins and is Brazilian from LaLiga Santander. They share a Body Type, their vision is much more decent (83) and they possess more strength (71). Apart from that, being transferable, you could sell it when you no longer need it.

If he will play inside and you have a switch ready for when his 72 stamina takes its toll, Dembele IF It has five stars for both skills and bad leg. The new Tsygankov IF It could also serve as a low cost replacement, even more so if it will be extreme due to its 87 in vision. Joaquin Centurions would be another valid option if you are looking for someone reliable as an assistant, and even Kluivert Winter Wildcards could do (although it only has “MD” chemistry, not “ED”).

While in Brazil, apart from the typical Icons and a Lucas Moura RTTF that is close to 200,000 coins, we find Felipe Anderson RTTF for about 70,000. Its 80 completion is low, but it works better thanks to 88 shot power. He is fine on the ball, has some physical power and a useful 85 vision. In addition to the fact that it could level up in the future, it is a dynamic version.

Examples competitive cards Brazil FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Brazil is a pretty complete nationality in FIFA 23.

Recommended Chemistry Styles

  • Hunter: His pace will be perfect, he will have a decent 89 positioning and his 93 finishing should work worse because his shot power will not go above 82. With these numbers, it is normal to miss clear chances from time to time.
  • Engine: Valid alternative if you plan to place him as a pure winger who rarely shoots. You will lose three acceleration and sprint points, it will be even worse in the long races. But he will camouflage his weak passing with a +4 short pass (will reach 85), long pass (71) and vision (81). He will also be even more adept at dribbling by raising his balance eight points (97), agility four (95) and dribbling eight points (96).

We remind you that the UCL Rodrygo MOTM SBC will expire on March 1st. The commented prices are set by Here you have an article about five IF’s that are bargains and we can take advantage of. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we publish content about FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. All the best!


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