After the Squad Building Challenges for Carlos Soler and kolasinacToday we have another battle in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Manuel Locatelli Showdown represents Juventus Turin and, if they beat Torino at home on Tuesday, February 28, they would get a two-point upgrade. With a draw he would only receive +1, and losing would remain the same as now.

Your SBC will be available until the day of the match (it will expire at eight o’clock in the afternoon Spanish time) and, since we do not know what will happen to it, we are going to analyze its current characteristics. He belongs to a club where we find several popular cards, apart from the fact that it could also be easy to link to him because he is Italian from Serie A.

Stats in game Locatelli Showdown FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: CDM and CM. His SBC currently costs about 78,050 coins on the general market and 85,450 on PC. He has three stars for skills and four for bad leg, medium / high work rate, Body Type High and balanced +, he is 1’85 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Manuel Locatelli Showdown Analysis

In this time of FIFA 23, his 79 pace is not horrible but it is a bit low. Because of him, his qualities will not always shine. Simply because, sometimes, he won’t be in the right place at the right time.

But despite the fact that his speed could be much greater, Locatelli Showdown is promising if you are looking for a CDM that can also be useful on the ball. Especially if your playstyle isn’t too risky, if you don’t leave a lot of space on enemy counterattacks. And it is a footballer profile that usually works much better in next-gen than in old-gen.

In the next-gen version of FIFA 23, slightly slacking off on pace is less disruptive. While having fancy defensive stats seems even more important. AND one of the great virtues of this player is to combine 88 interception, 89 intelligence, 89 steals and 85 tackles. They are very good attributes for a midfielder, even more so when his work rate is medium/high.

Locatelli Showdown would be even more dominant in grappling if its Body Type was “Tall and Balanced” instead of “Tall and Balanced +”. The “+” causes the players to be lighter. Although anyway, since he has a more than acceptable 84 in strength and measures 1’85, will not be flimsy in the face to face.

Whereas that body type will make his decent dribbling numbers effective in game despite the height. It does not reach four stars of watermarks, but it does reach four of bad leg. AND above all we value his passing statistics. It’s great that, at the current time in FIFA 23, someone with a defensive orientation combines 91 vision, 90 short passing and 90 long passing.

His shooting stats are also good, but with his lack of pace and 81 agility we don’t expect him to take much advantage of them. He should hit clear chances, but he won’t be skillful generating them. Although it will be able to help with its precise shipments into space. And that will differentiate him from other more limited CDMs with the ball.

Finally, his 92 stamina is positive news. Since he lacks speed, at least we won’t notice him getting tired easily. Your playstyle would have to be very demanding so that his resistance was not enough.

So even though his pace is a bit slow, Locatelli Showdown has promise as a CDM. Not as a box to box with a lot of quality or as an arrival, but yes as a midfielder specialized in defensive tasks and who is not clumsy with the ball. In fact, it might even stand out for its shipping accuracy.

Depending on the midfielder profile you are looking for, we consider it more or less valuable. and it seems to us much more interesting for next-gen than in old-gen. Because in the next-gen version of FIFA 23, being a little slow is less detrimental. It’s also easier to disguise his 81 Agility (because players are generally rougher), while the good stats on intelligence, interception, and steals shine even more.

Examples competitive special versions Juventus FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
We could link him with players like Di María, Pogba, Bremer or Fagioli.

So is it worth it?

If your playstyle isn’t too hectic and his 79 pace won’t be an unforgivable mistake, We recommend it for those looking for a Serie A MCD who can also contribute with the ball. That apart from dedicating himself to defending his own goal, he knows how to circulate reliably and can even give the odd assistance from time to time.

In the Italian league we find quite a few useful midfielders, but Locatelli Showdown differs by combine considerable height, luxury defensive stats for that position and medium/high work rate. For this reason and for its ease of fitting into hybrids, we recommend it if your priority is solidity at the rear.

We find it much more interesting in the next-gen version of FIFA 23. And logically, sIf I received the extra upgrade of two points, it would make an interesting leap in quality. She would not stand out for speed but she would be more correct, her passing numbers would be tremendous for someone with a defensive orientation and even finer driving. Apart from that the attributes in interception, intelligence and steals would be brutal for a midfielder.

Examples competitive special versions Italy FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Italy is getting new special versions frequently in FIFA 23 (design made possible by

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Shade: Since your pace is barely right, we recommend improving it as much as possible. He will combine 86 acceleration with 87 sprint. Apart from the fact that his defensive stats will be very good, he will only be weak on the header (77). He will hit 96 interception, 93 intelligence, 97 steals and 99 tackles.

SBC Solution

Challenge 1: Juventus

Reward: Gold Players Small Pack.

  • Min. 1 Juventus player
  • Min star value of the team: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Locatelli Showdown
24,300 coins in the general market and 27,250 on PC

Challenge 2: Series A

Reward: Electro Premium Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Min star value team: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Locatelli Showdown
53,750 coins in the general market and 58,200 on PC

Remember that the Manuel Locatelli Showdown SBC will expire on February 28. we leave you here The Guide and analysis of Moments free to play cards. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to be informed about the news of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Good luck!

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