After talking about Benjamin Henrys, it was the turn of the Jamie Bynoe-Gittens Showdown. A card that could improve his current stats in FIFA 23 if Dortmund win or draw at home against RB Leipzig next Friday.

We don’t know what will happen in the encounter, so we want to talk about what features it already has. And an important detail is two different SBCs have appeared. In one we get the special version with no match limit, while the other delivers the item on loan for ninety-nine games. And it looks like both will expire on March 3rd.

Stats in game Bynoe-Gittens Showdown FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: MI, EI and MD. The main SBC currently costs about 48,400 coins in the general market (50,100 on PC) and the assignment one about 13,700 coins in the general market and (15,800 on PC). He has four stars for skills and bad leg, high/medium work rate, Balanced Body Type, is 1’75 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Jamie Bynoe-Gittens Showdown Analysis

We expect him to be a useful attacker, especially playing inside thanks to his dribbling stats. But for certain aspects that can be improvedwe don’t think it’s someone very special without the victory boost. And it is easy to get cards that convince us even more.

Gives the impression that the Bynoe-Gittens Showdown It could be halfway in many aspects. And above all we are concerned with the vision statistic (77). His short pass is great (90), but he won’t be very reliable with the shots into space. A deficiency that above all could bother us against the most demanding rivals.

We’d also like to see his interesting 92 pace balanced. That’s great speed for this era of FIFA 23, but the sprint drops to 89 and will stay at 97 with Cazador. Although it is by no means a bad number, it will not be brutal in long races either. In fact, his 71 in strength is kind of short at 5’7”. So we can’t expect top performance with spaces.

While at short distances, Bynoe-Gittens Showdown He will take advantage of the fact that he has all the stars (four and four) and that he stands out in important dribbling attributes. For a cheap Ultimate Team attacker to combine 96 agility, 95 balance and 91 dribbling is great.

However, we don’t expect your driving to be brutal because of the Balanced Body Type. She should be good, we will not notice it rough. But we also don’t think she wows with her dribbling ability.

And in the shooting numbers we also see light and shadow. His 89 finishing is very interesting, but the shot power drops to 80 and the long shot at 77. He possesses no shooting traits and his 84 finishing is only decent at this point in FIFA 23.

Therefore, Bynoe-Gittens Showdown will combine virtues with some very improvable points. And because of that we hope it will be useful for cheap templates, but not top. We don’t think it’s very special if you don’t get the victory upgrade. We find cards at a good price that convince us even more.

Main cards Borussia Dortmund FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Malen RTTF is a fairly complete attacker and at a good price (cards thanks to

So is it worth it?

With the stats he possesses right now, We only recommend him as a RM in the Bundesliga if you’re looking for someone faster than Gnabry Path to Glory, or in case it is necessary to form some very interesting hybrid. And also if you need a very affordable revulsive, you could get the loanee to use as a substitute for many games.

With his current stats, Bynoe-Gittens Showdown We are not convinced by the alternatives that we already found in your league and nationality. In the Bundesliga, even if your budget is low, you could sign Mané gold for around 50,000 coins on the general market. Someone with an interesting Body Type and seven extra vision points.

Eat IF (approximately 40,000 coins) only hits three stars for bad leg and his completion is low (78), but could be fine as a pure winger for those who are very skilled with the tricks. Because the French winger will enjoy all five of the skills. And while his stamina is somewhat poor (78), he could be substituted when too fatigued.

It carries some risk because it is a dynamic version, but Malen RTTF has chemistry in the MI post (and its cost is slightly above 100,000 coins in the general market). He is a stronger player, worse in finishing (85) but has much higher shot power (92) and hits 86 vision.

While In Englandwe can still get the free version of Gordon Future Stars. He does reach 99 pace with Cazador as a chemistry, he has Body Type Delgado, his vision is more decent (83) and he has three bad leg stars.

Therefore, with the stats he has right now, we don’t think the Bynoe-Gittens Showdown is special because of the alternatives we found. Even if you want to spend little, there are options that convince us even more.

Examples competitive cards England FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
England are getting special new builds frequently in FIFA 23.

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Hunter: Unfortunately, his 92 pace is quite unbalanced. So we recommend this chemistry so that the acceleration is perfect and the sprint reaches 97. The positioning will go up to 88 and his completion will be very good (97). Although we expect the finisher to be somewhat less effective in game because it will only have 84 shot power.

SBC Solution

Challenge 1: England

Reward: About player mix.

  • Min. 1 player from England
  • Min. 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Min star value team: 82
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Bynoe-Gittens Showdown
21,200 coins in the general market and 22,500 on PC

Challenge 2: Bundesliga

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 Bundesliga player
  • Min star value of the team: 83
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Bynoe-Gittens Showdown
27,200 coins in the general market and 27,600 on PC

SBC solution (assignment)

  • Min. 1 Bundesliga player
  • Min star value team: 82
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Bynoe-Gittens Showdown
13,700 coins in the general market and 15,800 on PC

It looks like Jamie Bynoe-Gittens’ SBCs will expire on March 3rd. we left here Locatelli’s articles and Sanabria Showdown. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we publish FIFA 23 Ultimate Team content. Good luck!


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