Is the Benjamin Henrichs Showdown worth it? + SBC solution


New day and new duel in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Although the SBC’s of the JuventusTurintwo Battle cards arrived today that will depend on Dortmund – RB Leipzig next Friday. Benjamin Henrichs Showdown represents the visitors and, if they win the match, he would score two extra points on average. It would be one if they tied and none if they are defeated.

It looks like their Squad Building Challenges won’t expire until game day.. And we speak in the plural because two have appeared, one that allows you to get this special version without restriction of matches and another more affordable to obtain it on loan for ninety-nine games.

Stats in game Henrichs Showdown FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: RF, CAD and MD. The main SBC currently costs about 61,150 coins in the general market (60,950 on PC) and the assignment one about 13,700 coins in the general market and (15,800 on PC). He has three stars for skills and four for bad leg, high/medium work rate, Body Type Tall and balanced, he is 1’85 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Benjamin Henrichs Showdown Analysis

Henrichs Showdown will suffer a considerable flaw for his position, and that is that the 90 pace is unbalanced against the sprint. After applying Shadow, that attribute will not go above 95. So he will not be very fast in long runs.

This weakness will not be a big problem on many occasions, but at certain specific moments it could be quite harmful. And the logical thing is that it bothers even more in the old-gen version of FIFA 23.

While the rest of the defensive aspects are very convincing. And therefore, when its speed is not an issue, it should offer great performance. Because acceleration will hit perfection with chemistry and his 81 strength should look superior in-game.

Henrichs Showdown combines his 1’85 height with the Body Type Tall and balanced. So It will be a player with physical power, someone of size Thanks to this, you will be able to unbalance your opponents more easily. A virtue that we do not find in many LD’s in this era of FIFA 23.

Apart from that his defensive stats are also very good. It’s great for a winger to get 86 interception, 85 intelligence, 87 steals and 87 tackles. And for all that has been said, when his sprint does not take its toll, he should be a very reliable footballer at the back. Someone precise when trying to steal and powerful in melee.

Whereas with the ball, that wingspan will make Henrichs Showdown rougher. but cSince the dribbling numbers are fine, it shouldn’t be too clumsy either.. Far from it we expect exquisite driving, although it is decent.

AND the passing statistics are also convincing. It is positive that an affordable RB combines 86 short passing, 74 long passing and 80 vision. Even more so when he reaches four stars for bad leg. And although it could have a higher stamina (89), it is still correct.

So Henrichs Showdown could fail at times due to his lack of speed in the long runs. Because after applying Shadow, he will not exceed 95 sprint. But in all other situations it should be very good. Acceptable with the ball and very safe in the face to face against enemy attackers, due to its high defensive statistics and its physical conditions.

Main special versions RB Leipzig FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
He will have “perfect link” with Klostermann and Werner.

So is it worth it?

Unless your play style is very hectic and you often leave spaces behind, we do think quite an interesting letter. The main SBC is not expensive, so you could complete it if you plan to use it for a long time. While if you change a lot from eleven and you sense that it will not last long in your FIFA 23 team, then you also have the option of loaning because it is very cheap.

Henrichs Showdown is a noteworthy card for the Bundesliga, since in this competition we don’t find too many decent LD’s apart from Frimpong. And in the case of Germany, depending on your style of play, we would choose between him and Toljan Winter Wildcards (from Series A).

The Sassuolo footballer has Body Type Delgado and measures 1’82, he won’t be as forceful in the melee. In addition to the fact that his vision is horrible (57). However, he can reach a 99 sprint with Sombra as chemistry.

Therefore, if you often get surprised on the counter, you could buy the transferable alternative (it is very cheap, only around 20,000 coins). While if you are more protected in kickbacks, we prefer the dynamic version.

And logically, If his team won the match, he would make an interesting level jump. He would camouflage his lack of speed on long runs and further excel on defensive stats. But we don’t know what will happen, and with the numbers it already has, we recommend it if your playstyle isn’t too hectic and you don’t leave too many spaces behind.

Examples competitive cards Germany FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Probably other nationalities are even more complete, but Germany has useful charts anyway (design made possible by

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Shade: Your acceleration will reach perfection and you will improve the sprint as much as possible (it will go up to 95). He will also have pretty good defensive stats for a winger, combining 94 interception, 89 intelligence, 95 steals and 99 tackles.

SBC Solution

  • Min. 1 Bundesliga player
  • Min star value team: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Henrichs Showdown
61,150 currency in the general market and 60,950 on PC

SBC solution (assignment)

  • Min. 1 player from Germany
  • Min star value team: 82
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Henrichs Showdown
13,700 coins in the general market and 15,800 on PC

Remember that the Benjamin Henrichs Showdown SBCs seem to be available in FIFA 23 until March 3. we leave you here the news with the new Showdown stats that have already been updated. Also the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we publish content about Ultimate Team. All the best!


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