Is the Antonio Sanabria Showdown worth it? + SBC solution


after talking about the representative of Juventus, it was the turn of the Torino letter. It’s Antonio Sanabria Showdown, whose SBC will be available until February 28 at eight o’clock in the afternoon Spanish time.

That day, both teams will meet in the league. And if your club (which will be away) win the match, this special version would get a +2 overall rating. I would add a single point if they tied and none if they lose. As we usually do in this type of case, We are going to analyze its current characteristics.

Stats in game Sanabria Showdown FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Positions: DC and SD. His SBC currently costs about 54,500 coins on the general market and 58,800 on PC. He has four stars for skills and bad leg, high/medium work rate, Balanced Body Type, is 1’81 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Antonio Sanabria Showdown Analysis

We don’t expect him to be a top-tier striker, but the typical cheap alternative.. Although due to its club and nationality, it will not be very easy to include it in hybrids where Serie A does not predominate. And due to its characteristics, it should perform better in the next-gen version of FIFA 23 than in the old-gen.

Sanabria Showdown should be the typical striker who is not brutal against closed-in rivals or counterattacks. But what Yes, it will have resources to not clash in either of the two cases, to be very correct in both. Apart from the fact that he will hit many occasions inside the area because his shooting numbers are very good.

We cannot expect much precision from afar, the long shot does not exceed 80. But after applying Hunter, it will combine 99 positioning, 99 finishing and 94 shot power. So he will be a very safe attacker when shooting from close range. Other than that he possesses the “Outside Shooting” trait.

He shouldn’t be clumsy at short distances, but he shouldn’t be fine either. Only decent in driving because, although his dribbling stats are very good (highlighting 90 in agility), Sanabria Showdown is 1’81 and his Body Type is Balanced. So it shouldn’t be very electric, just right.

While those physical conditions, along with his 84 strength and 99 rating with Hunter, they will make it more dangerous on long runs. That he can withstand some struggles, that he is not the typical weak attacker of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

However, since with chemistry he will hit 96 acceleration and sprint, he will be three points short of perfect pace. and therefore we hope correct performance when running at top speed, but not top. It shouldn’t be someone scary with spaces.

Finally, the pass will be one of the most vulgar aspects from Sanabria Showdown. While not horrible, in this era of FIFA 23 it’s easy to get attackers who exceed his 84 Short Passing and 82 Vision. He will not surprise as an assistant and this small lack above all could bother us against the most demanding rivals.

For all that has been said, We don’t expect this letter to be top but it is very decent. Because in short distances he could be finer in driving or have an extra star, and in long races he would appreciate an extra speed.

But he won’t suffer from any serious flaws either and shooting inside the box should be very reliable. So it could be a right option for those people who can’t spend too many coins. Although because of his club and nationality, he will not fit in many hybrids.

Milinkovic-Savic Winter Wildcards, Singo Future Stars and Vlasic Dynamic Duo (Torino) FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Cards
Singo Future Stars surprises with his physical conditions, he measures 1’90 and reaches 87 in strength despite being a winger.

So is it worth it?

We only recommend it in case you are confident in the victory of your team, or if your budget is low and you think you will use it for a long time. If you think that you will be able to give him chemistry easily in the medium term. Because if you will probably stop using it shortly due to the lack of links, then we do not recommend it.

Even without receiving any upgrades, Sanabria Showdown’s performance should be very decent. Even more so in the next-gen version of FIFA 23. But since many other affordable and correct strikers have appeared in Ultimate Team, He doesn’t seem like someone very special either..

Therefore, if you think you will only use it for a short time because its lack of links will prevent you from giving it chemistry, then we would not spend socks or coins on it. We would use other low-cost players that are also decent and you could sell when you don’t need them, such as Quagliarella Centurions (which is only around 30,000 coins).

And if your budget is higher, you could go for more expensive alternatives with some extra resources like Raspadori RTTF (which costs about 250,000 coins on the general market). Someone who is not top in long races, but is not too out of place in those actions either. He enjoys outstanding vision (92) and reaches five stars for bad leg.

Almirón POTM Premier League and Alderete gold cards (Paraguay) FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
We only found another special version of his nationality (letters thanks to

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Hunter: It will reach 96 acceleration and sprint, it will not excel in the long races but it should not be out of place either. Apart from the fact that his shooting numbers will be very good, the long shot will not go above 80 but will combine 99 positioning, 99 finishing and 94 shot power.

SBC Solution

  • Min. 1 Serie A player
  • Min. 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Min star value team: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Sanabria Showdown
54,500 coins in the general market and 58,800 on PC

Remember that the Antonio Sanabria Showdown SBC will be available until February 28. we left here the link to our Telegram broadcast channelin case you want to keep an eye on FIFA 23 news. In addition to the news with the stats of the RTTF that were updated after the rest. All the best!


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